Peter is lead developer and part-owner at Andornot.

A Master of Library Studies and a B.A. in Classics have not prepared Peter for his present position in the slightest. Self taught in the elegant but deadly art of Web Fu, he must instead use his wits and educate himself quickly to stay ahead, which is far more engaging and useful in this game of rapid technological change than a static list of qualifications (so he says).

Back in the early 80s, a clunkity Commodore 64 first stirred deep feelings of technophilia from which petals are still unfolding today: may the love affair never end.

Peter delights in life aboard the good ship Andornot because he is allowed a great deal of freedom. Freedom to invent, to try new things and explore new directions, freedom to express himself, freedom to fall flat on his face. Also he likes Andornot's strong sense of ethics and craftsmanship, which pleases his inner paladin, while on the other hand, it is a business venture, which pleases his inner rogue.

In his leisure time, Peter bird watches, reads, writes, sketches, plays tabletop Dungeons & Dragons (c.f. paladin, rogue above), and spends time his daughters, wife, and greyhound.


Peter Tyrrell

Peter Tyrrell, BA, MLIS
Director and CTO
1.866.266.2525 x706