Power outage affects Andornot datacentre

by Administrator Monday, July 14, 2008 6:19 PM

The Andornot website and websites hosted by Andornot have experienced some downtime today due to a major power outage in downtown Vancouver caused by an explosion of an underground transformer and subsequent fire.  (see news story).  Our datacenter is hosted at Peer1 in Harbour Centre and their back-up generator was affected and power has therefore fluctuated on and off during the day.  Issues with the Peer1 generator appear to have been resolved as of 4pm PST and all our sites are back online.   The downtown area around Harbour Centre is still without power and BC Hydro are estimating it may not be restored until late tonight.

We will provide an update to our hosted clients once everything is back to normal. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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Images added to Pennsylvania Railroad Museum archives site

by Administrator Tuesday, July 08, 2008 8:31 AM

Andornot has hosted the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania Inmagic databases for the past three years.  This past month approximately 4,500 images from the H.L. Broadbelt collection of Baldwin Locomotive negatives have been uploaded and added to the archival records database.  We have edited the search interface to add an option to limit records returned to just those that have images.

"Andornot's skill in fine tuning search procedures to reflect the particular needs of our clients has been a real plus. They go the extra mile in extending Inmagic's already strong capabilities." (Jim Alexander)

The Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania maintains an extensive and significant Library and Archives of railroad history materials, including thousands of railroad history books and serials, several hundred thousand original negatives from rail fans, railroad companies and railroad equipment manufacturers, priceless collections of photographic prints, lithographs, timetables, original builders’ drawings and other historic ephemera. A general description of these holdings may be found on their web site.

The availability of the searchable web interface has resulted in an increase in public inquiries and praise from visitors to the site. Researchers can now perform initial searches for materials to help with research requests, photographic print orders and on-site visits. This outreach has greatly enhanced the usefulness and popularity of these unique railroad history resources.

In the Museum request for fourth year funding it was noted that Andornot’s “hosting has been highly stable, and their initial work in creating user-friendly search screens has been exceptional.”

We are looking forward to making continued enhancements to their site as funding permits. Please contact us for further information.

Inmagic DB/TextWorks and Vista Virtualization

by Denise Bonin Monday, July 07, 2008 5:10 PM

This post is a follow-up to Peter's post Inmagic WebPublisher PRO and Vista Virtualization, but specifically pertaining to DB/TextWorks. 

I recently had a client who created and added a bunch of records to a new textbase located in a folder under Program Files on her Vista-installed laptop.  When it came time to move the textbase off her laptop onto another computer she zipped up all the textbase files, copied the zip file to her thumb drive and prepared to unzip the files onto the other machine.  With files unzipped on the other machine (an older XP-installed desktop computer), she enthusiastically went to show off her newly created and populated textbase. 

Much to her surprise DB/TextWorks produced a disheartening message indicating that the textbase was empty.  How could this be, she had 170 records in the textbase when it was on her laptop and she had copied every textbase file from the correct folder on her laptop.  I got involved and we looked this way and that way - on both machines - and there was nothing that we could see that could indicate that the textbase could possibly be empty (the .btx, .dbt and .occ files were rather large).

The ah ha moment came when Kathy suggested that Peter had posted something about this on our Blog - back in March 2008 (see above link).  I had skipped over that posting because it had referenced WebPublisher, but in fact it told me exactly what I needed to know.  To change the text and code slightly from what Peter posted:

For instance, say DB/TextWorks indicates that a textbase is located at:

%Program Files%\Inmagic\Textbases

Vista detects that DB/TextWorks does not have permission to save to that location and copies the file to:

%Users%\<your account>\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Inmagic\Textbases

Subsequent read/write operations access the VirtualStore version of the file, even though DB/TextWorks will still think it is accessing the Program Files directory. Poor deluded DB/TextWorks.

It took about 1 minute to find the database files in the VirtualStore location - thank you Peter! - however, there was more, or in this case less, to come!  Two of the essential files were missing.  They were the .tba file and the .sdo file.  Why those two? Who knows?  However, combining the new found files (.acf, .btx, .dbo, .dbr, .ixl, .log, and .occ)  from the VirtualStore location with the .tba and the .sdo file from the presumed location – under Program files, allowed us to complete the textbase and transfer it to another location. 

The lesson learned here:

  • On a Vista machine DO NOT install textbases under Program files. 

And a Note: 

  • this problem only occurs with Vista's UAC (user account control) turned on.

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