Novel Jobs for Librarians

by Jonathan Jacobsen Tuesday, January 17, 2017 10:05 AM

We all know the profession of Librarian, and to a certain extent Archivist, has changed immensely over recent years. Although some core services and skills remain, we serve different needs and audiences, with different skills, technologies and mandates. Many graduates of MLIS and MAS programs work in very non-traditional settings (ourselves included!).

In my own career path, I was once hired by what was then a novel form of company: a "Dot Com Internet Start-up". The company was embarking on a business yellow pages product and recognized that the skills a librarian has, in terms of organizing information, would help them. The company evolved into something quite different, but I stayed on and honed my IT skills.

This week, we came across two fun and fascinating job postings. One is for an Assistant Sample Librarian at popular clothing company Lululemon. The other is a Content Asset Librarian at a children’s toy company. What’s so encouraging about these 2 positions is that they use Librarian in the position title and have set the job requirements specifically for this profession. Both positions involve managing physical items, but far from the traditional book. While many companies have positions to do this, not so many specifically call it a Librarian. Very encouraging!

Assistant Sample Librarian:

Content Asset Librarian:

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Council documents migration and new search interfaces for the City of Burnaby

by Kathy Bryce Wednesday, January 11, 2017 9:57 AM

Andornot has recently completed a project to assist the City of Burnaby migrate various historical council documents from an outsourced search service to internally hosted websites using the Andornot Discovery Interface (AnDI).  The previous site was organized so that files were Previous systemviewable in a hierarchical structure organized by document types, meeting types and years. 

To permit more administrative control and more  granular searching, Andornot was contracted to create a new Inmagic DB/TextWorks database for selected Commission and Public Hearing documents. DB/TextWorks is used extensively by the City of Burnaby for the behind the scenes data entry for much of the Heritage Burnaby website, as well as for multiple other internal databases.

Boards, Committees and Commissions

Scripts were created to load details of these documents into DB/TextWorks and to extract additional metadata about each document derived from the file structure.  The new website at uses the Andornot Discovery Interface to index this data from DB/TextWorks as well as the full text of the documents. Burnaby_Kingsway_searchIt permits searching and viewing agendas and minutes for past meetings of Boards, Committees and Commissions prior to 2015.  Now when searching a common term like Kingsway which brings up a 100 hits, it is possible to narrow down search results by both the Board, Committee or Commission name and the year.  In addition a snippet of text with the search term highlighted is shown to provide context.  Whereas in the previous system agendas and minutes were separated, PDF’s for both are now presented together.


Bylaws were also migrated from the previous service.  Heritage Burnaby already contains every Bylaw ever adopted by the City of Burnaby from its incorporation in 1892 until present Burnaby_Bylaws_search(amended, defeated, repealed), all of which are maintained in a DB/TextWorks Bylaws database.  However there was the requirement to provide access to just the current and enforceable City of Burnaby Bylaws, some of which are available in consolidated versions.   These consolidated versions were added to the Bylaws database and a separate website at was developed with options to search; view all bylaws; or pick from an A to Z listing.

Both new websites allow users to re-sort their results, add documents to a list, or share them on social media.

If you are looking for a solution to provide better access to council documents and bylaws, or any other set of documents, contact Andornot to discuss possibilities.

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