Discover gospel, jazz, blues, and rock and roll gems in the newly amalgamated Center for Popular Music textbase

by Denise Bonin Monday, August 29, 2011 4:21 PM

Looking for the words to the popular late nineteenth century song and dance ditty All among the roses

Just what is the name of that song by George Pope Morris with the first line that goes like this: The young stars are glowing, their clear light bestowing

Are you looking for photographs of women musicians, such as group called the Bostonia Orchestra

Check out the textbase on the long-time Inmagic software user website at Middle Tennessee State University’s (MTSU) Center for Popular Music (CPM) to find all those answers and more. 

Andornot worked with fellow Inmagic Partner, Ann Stringfield from InfoCrofters in North Carolina to amalgamate 9 unique Inmagic textbases into one combined textbase of almost 90,000 records.  You can now search in one user friendly interface for manuscripts, periodicals, photographs, posters, playbills, programs, rare books and scores, sheet music, song broadsides and trade catalogues. Ann comments:

The MTSU Center for Popular Music staff's dedication to their craft is evident in their provision of full lyrics, first lines, and extensive notes.  Now we all know that Elvis Presley's "Blue Suede Shoes" was once choreographed for a ballet!"

As stated on the site’s About Us page: The music business of Tennessee has long been an important segment of Tennessee's economy. In addition to Nashville, the cities of Memphis, Knoxville, Bristol, Chattanooga, Cleveland and Lawrenceburg have played significant roles in music publishing, broadcasting and recording. The Center's collection documents these business activities as well as musical ones [all in one central location].

Using the Andornot Starter Kit, the textbase features a quick and advanced search screen, several brief record result formats, a full display format, plus excellent textbase navigation. Social media elements include an Email, Save and Print option, including a Select All ability, Permalinks and Bookmark and Share attributes.  Images are being added to the newly created textbase, with the Song Broadsides collection containing the most images at the moment.  Grover Baker, The Center for Popular Music (CPM) librarian states:

One reason we selected Andornot and their Starter Kit is that we felt it could meet all of our current needs while carrying us into the future.“

He comments further:

Working with the folks at Andornot has been a wonderful experience!  From the outset, it was obvious that they had taken time to become familiar with our database and the different types of items found within our collections.  Because they were able to recognize that our collections are somewhat akin to those found in museums, they combined features from their Museum Starter Kit with those in the ASK Starter Kit.  Andornot was able to tailor the search screens to work seamlessly within the template of our website. The results are fantastic, and our users are going to love searching with the new database!

Andornot coordinated with our campus IT staff to install the system on our server.  When they ran into a glitch, they were able to determine the problem and get everything working properly in an amazingly short period of time.”

Contact Andornot for more information on how to integrate your textbase into your website template, improve textbase navigation and add a multitude of social elements. 

New site design for RCVO@Volunteer Alberta

by Denise Bonin Thursday, June 09, 2011 9:48 AM

The collection of the Resource Center for Volunteer Organizations (RCVO) has recently come under the management of Volunteer Alberta.  The resources, which focus on the volunteer and nonprofit sector, are available at and are hosted by Andornot.  While the collection itself has not changed a great deal from under its previous management, the website interface has been completely redesigned and features a lively new look. 


The site uses the Umbraco content management system to allow RCVO  staff to easily add and modify site content.  Andornot assisted RCVO in the selection of a website design and its development.  Access to the collection is via the Inmagic WebPublisher PRO search interface, with quick and advanced search screens.  A popular feature are the pages of canned searches available as Quick Subject Searches on the quick search page.  An RSS feed is available on the new catalogue additions and Google Book Covers and links augment the site.

A user searching the collection can add items to a cart as well as bookmark or copy the link for each item via its permalink.  The RCVO collection continues to be part of the Canadian Non-profit Library Network along with Imagine Canada and Volunteer Calgary making its combined collection the largest source of materials for this sector in Canada.  RCVO staff commented:

We have long been working on a website update, and are pleased to have it available for the nonprofit/voluntary sectors. Our ability to link with Imagine Canada and Volunteer Calgary’s library collections makes us an excellent hub for information relevant to the nonprofit/voluntary sector.”

Fraser Health Library Launches Resource Rich Site

by Denise Bonin Wednesday, June 08, 2011 10:52 AM

Fraser Health, with its 13 hospitals and 5 main and 8 smaller library locations, is one of the largest Authorities in British Columbia in terms of population served and health and medical resources collectively held.  The web-interface for the library catalogue, which has been hosted by Andornot since 1999, has just been recently completely revamped. 

The new site, at, uses the Umbraco content management system, allowing authorized library staff from any location to quickly add and change content on the site.  The new catalogue interface features quick and advanced search pages as well as an RSS feed for recent acquisitions on the Quick Search page.  Fraser Health staff can search the catalogue, add selected items to an ordering cart and send in a request for delivery to their nearest hospital library location. 

One of the fabulous new features of the site is the Subject Guides.  Fraser Health Librarian Niki Baumann coordinates this area and has moved all the information from individual BlogSpot websites.  She has completely revamped the interfaceFHAsite to this resource rich area of the website by dividing each Subject Guide topic into What’s New, Journals, Books, Databases and Websites and has used the catalogue’s permalink feature to link from the featured new books to the actual record in the catalogue.  The pages are kept constantly up-to-date with embedded RSS feed headlines from various journal websites, with the links to the titles available directly by IP address authentication if within the hospital locations or via a user name and password from outside the hospital.   These resources are now readily accessible to all Fraser Health professionals, from their offices, their homes or on the road. 

During the launch of the site the library staff encouraged users to “play” with the new site and designed a series of questions requiring users to search the catalogue database in order to find the answers.  Once the survey was completed, the user’s name was entered into a draw for a 4GB USB Drive.

Staff are thrilled with the new catalogue and web site.  We all feel like proud parents who have collectively given birth to a beautiful new child.  The catalogue includes additional special features that allow the user to search for items by format or site with ease.  The site is more streamlined and cleaner, yet offers more content." comments Linda Howard, Interim Library Manager.

WorkSafe BC Upgrades Library Catalogue OPAC for Staff

by Jonathan Jacobsen Thursday, December 16, 2010 3:19 PM

Following hot on the heels of their recent launch of a mobile interface to their library catalogue, the WorkSafe BC Library has just upgraded the library catalogue search interface used internally by most WorkSafe BC staff with a new one built from the Andornot Starter Kit.

For several years, the WorkSafe BC Library has used Inmagic Genie as their integrated library system. Within the WorkSafe BC offices, staff used the Genie OPAC to search the library's extensive collection.

However, outside the offices, the public accessed a version of the catalogue hosted by Andornot, and built from the Andornot Starter Kit (as well as the new mobile version built from the ASK Mobile Edition).

"We really liked the Google book covers and material type icons in our publicly-accessible catalogue and wanted to make those available to WorkSafe BC staff who access the library catalogue internally," says Librarian Marci Gibson. "Replacing the Genie OPAC with one built from the Andornot Starter Kit brought all our search interfaces in line, offering the same features to all users, whether public or staff."

The new staff OPAC is displayed within the Library's SharePoint team site, for seamless integration with the rest of the library’s content. This is done using a SharePoint Page Viewer Web Part, so that the catalog search and results screens are displayed within the SharePoint page. All corporate branding and navigation is therefore preserved. We are seeing this as a growing trend among our clients who have SharePoint intranets.

"Everyone LOVES the new OPAC! I have had nothing but good comments. They love the slick new look of the OPAC, think the search screen is much easier to use and more intuitive, and the 'Selection List' is a huge hit," says Marci.

Library staff will continue to use the Genie administrative interface behind the scenes for management of library processes.

Contact us for more information on building a web-based search interface to your library catalogue, archives or other database.

WorkSafeBC Launches Mobile Version of Library Catalogue

by Jonathan Jacobsen Wednesday, December 01, 2010 10:24 AM

Earlier this year we announced the availability of a mobile-friendly version of our Andornot Starter Kit (ASK), an add-on to Inmagic WebPublisher Pro. The ASK Mobile Edition enables searching of Inmagic databases using a mobile browser – the kind found on BlackBerries, iPhones, Windows smartphones, and similar devices. While full-size websites can be displayed on these devices, viewing them typically requires a lot of scrolling around and zooming in and out. Websites optimized for mobile devices are designed to give the best user experience on these handheld devices, with their smaller screens and keyboards.

WorkSafeBC-Mobile-Catalog-iphoneIn November, WorkSafeBC became the first Andornot client to apply the ASK Mobile Edition to their library catalogue, creating a version specifically designed for mobile browsers.

"The mobile interface to the Library catalogue is a bit of an experiment to gauge demand for this type of service in our organization. A significant number of Blackberries and iPhones are being issued to WorkSafeBC officers and the mobile interface to the catalogue is a first step to possibly developing a suite of applications to support these devices," says Lance Nordstrom, Librarian at WorkSafeBC.

Marci Gibson, Assistant Librarian at WorkSafeBC, anticipates that "by providing this version we will increase the visibility and usefulness of the library catalogue and also portray the library as being proactive in accommodating emerging technologies.”"

The mobile version of the WorkSafeBC Library catalogue is available here. If you access the full-size catalogue from a mobile browser, the site will detect that and automatically redirect you to the mobile version.

Please contact us to discuss making your Inmagic databases or other web resources available to mobile users.

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