VuFind 1.4 Released with Features for Archives

by Jonathan Jacobsen Wednesday, January 30, 2013 1:36 PM

Version 1.4 of VuFind, a leading open-source discovery interface, has just been released. Andornot recommends VuFind as a great tool for integrating content from library catalogues and other databases and making it searchable with features and tools users expect from a web interface, such as:

  • spelling corrections and "did you mean?" suggestions of alternate terms and records;
  • facets, such as subject and author, to quickly refine a search;
  • options to save, email, bookmark and share searches and results; and
  • integrated content from external sources, such as book covers, reviews, and author biographies.

With version 1.4, a new "collections" feature makes VuFind an excellent choice for a discovery interface for archival and similar collections where information is arranged hierarchically (e.g. fonds, series, item, etc.).

These are two excellent examples of hierarchical collections within a VuFind system:

A more general VuFind demo is available at

More information about VuFind is available from this page and the VuFind website.

Contact Andornot to discuss how a discovery interface can provide the best search experience and features for your users, no matter what type of information it includes.


Energy Resources Conservation Board and Alberta Geological Survey Catalogues Now Online

by Jonathan Jacobsen Friday, October 07, 2011 7:51 AM

The Energy Resources Conservation Board of Alberta (ERCB) has launched its library catalogue online at The catalogue contains the combined holdings of the ERCB library in Calgary and those of the Alberta Geological Survey (AGS) library in Edmonton.

Previously the AGS collection was available online as part of the NEOS library consortium but the ERCB collection was not publicly available online.

The catalogue is built upon VuFind, an open-source discovery interface for libraries. VuFind provides users with an intuitive and productive search experience using features such as:

  • fast, relevancy-based keyword search results;
  • spelling corrections and did-you-mean suggestions of alternate terms;
  • links to related resources;
  • faceted browsing to easily narrow down results; and
  • tools for saving and sharing searches and records.

Both libraries use DB/TextWorks for in-house management of records in these and other databases, and WebPublisher PRO for internal publishing of data. Andornot hosts the online catalogue as part of our managed hosting service.

Angela Burns, Leader, Library & Record Services at the Energy Resources Conservation Board, says:

"The library staff in Calgary and Edmonton are very excited for our customers to begin using our new online catalogue! This new experience in researching with intuitive linking features will enable our customers to easily search both of our collections and find the information they need. We are sure that ERCB staff and the Library community will enjoy the new catalogue as much as we do."

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