Inmagic DB/TextWorks offers users the ability to manually import and export data in a variety of formats. Sometimes, however, system workflow may require an automated version of this feature. The Inmagic PowerPack Importer allows automated imports of data and documents into a textbase. The Andornot add-on Data Extraction Utility permits scheduling of exports of data out of a textbase.

The Data Extraction Utility is a small, command-line application, written in C#, that uses an ODBC connection to a textbase and writes output to a text file. It accepts as input the textbase name and ODBC DSN connection, the names of fields to be extracted, a query string to select records, and information about the desired output format. Output is a single line per record extracted, so a comma-separated or tab-separated format works well (but XML could be generated as well).

Paired with the Inmagic PowerPack Importer, the Extraction Utility provides a useful data syncronization and transfer tool.

Andornot Data Extraction Utility Script

An example script to extract data from an Inmagic database with the Andornot Data Extraction Utility.


You can read about a usage of the Extraction Utility and the Inmagic Importer to sync an Active Directory instance with an Inmagic Genie Borrowers database in this blog post.

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