You can use this wizard to create "canned" searches of databases through Inmagic WebPublisher or Genie. A canned search is simply one with pre-determined criteria, such as "all items added to database in the past 60 days" (great for promoting new books).

You'll need to know a few things before you get started, such as where your web search interface is located, what report forms you want to use, and how to use the Inmagic query syntax

Need more help? This help page will guide you through the fields in the form below, but please contact us for help creating your first canned query. Once you've done one, others are easy to do, often just by copying and changing one or two elements.

* indicates a required field.

Step 1 - WebPublisher Parameters

e.g. for DB/Text WebPublisher ISAPI:
e.g. for DB/Text WebPublisher CGI:
e.g. for DB/Text for SQL WebPublisher ISAPI:
e.g. for DB/Text for SQL CGI:
e.g. for Genie:


Step 2 - Your Textbase Parameters

Search page location.

Examples - To use these with your database, change the field names to match your own, and the parameters to suit your desired search.

All records added in the past 30 days:

find (RecordCreated >=@date-60)

All eBooks:

find (MaterialType =ebook)

All records with the subject Canada:

find (Subject ct Canada*)


Step 3 - Other Handy Parameters


Step 4 - Get the Link