Inmagic® Genie is a web-based application designed to handle the typical collection management functions of a corporate or specialized library. Andornot's Genie demo includes the OPAC and the library management features for library staff, such as Cataloging, Serials and Orders.

The OPAC is available in English and French through these links:

The English OPAC search and results screens have been changed from the default settings and configured with some of the options listed in Andornot's Genie Configuration Options (.pdf) document.

The OPAC contains a small sample of records on a variety of topics. Try the following Any Word searches to view some of them:

  • architect*
  • law
  • * (for all records)

To access the My Genie feature, select the My Genie link in the OPAC or click here, and log in with:

  • User Name: anderson
  • Password: 1234

The demo Items textbase includes the full text of some sample Table of Contents. When a serial is checked in, a link to the PDF and if permitted, the full text, can be uploaded and made searchable through the Items textbase. The Items query screen is pre-populated to limit searches to just these records.

Using our RSS Control, an RSS feed of recent additions to the Genie Catalog is available here.

The Genie features for library staff, such as Cataloging, Serials and Orders, are available, but require a login account. Please contact us for the username and password.