Information is only useful if it can be found. Search and discovery tools help users do just that, and must be increasingly sophisticated to connect users to sought after resources in an ever-deepening pool.

Search and discovery tools differ from database management tools such as Inmagic DB/TextWorks. Database management systems do often include search interfaces, but also features for building the database, populating it with information, reporting, exporting, and other data-specific features. A discovery interface is designed and optimized just for searching and resource discovery and sharing, providing features such as:

  • fast, relevancy-based keyword search results;
  • spelling corrections and did-you-mean suggestions of alternate terms;
  • links to related resources;
  • faceted browsing to easily narrow down results; and
  • tools for saving and sharing searches and records.

Recommended Products

Andornot often works with the following applications in particular, recommending each for specific situations.

Andornot Discovery Interface

Andornot Discovery Interface

We recommend the Andornot Discovery Interface for a discovery interface for libraries, archives, museums and other collections.



We recommend VuFind for library discovery interfaces.

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