It is the nature of software to require ongoing support after installation. Support may include bug fixes, training, questions on the use of the software, documentation, changes to existing features, requests for new features, and assistance with the server or application hosting environment.

Andornot offers support services to our clients through on-site visits, telephone support, email, and interactive web-conferencing sessions. Our office hours are 9am to 5pm PST, but we can often reply or intervene after hours in emergency situations.

For clients who renew their annual Inmagic Maintenance Agreement through Andornot, we are pleased to offer help with quick questions at no charge, as well as the full support offered directly from Inmagic.

For many clients, we also offer support on a much wider range of IT related issues from how to create an RSS feed or a blog to how to organize their images for digitization projects.

Self-Serve Options

We document the answers to many support questions in our blog (a categorized archive is available).

The Inmagic Knowledgebase, Product Documentation and User Forums are also great resources.

Inmagic User Groups

Andornot supports the local Inmagic users groups in several cities. We will organize meetings and arrange for a demonstration from a local client, plus we will attend to answer support and sales questions. We will also arrange for presentations on new Inmagic products or applications. Contact us to discuss options for your city.

You'll solve problems faster when you contact Andornot for help.