Andornot is a well-respected information management consulting firm incorporated in 1995 and based in Vancouver, Canada. We help a wide range of corporations, law firms, public institutions, government organizations, non-profits, archives, museums and small businesses utilize the latest information management solutions.

Kathy Bryce

Kathy Bryce, MCLIP
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Peter Tyrrell

Peter Tyrrell, BA, MLIS
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Jonathan Jacobsen

Jonathan Jacobsen, BA, MLIS
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Our team of professional librarians and software developers has many years of experience in information and knowledge management consulting, library development, database design, information architecture, corporate training, and technical support. We maintain collaborative partnerships with a variety of other companies and consultants to handle different aspects of our client's projects.

We are thrilled to be recognized by our clients and our peers for both our high quality of work and for the positive way that we do business. We love what we do, we have fun doing it, and we look forward to working with you.

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Our Company Name

Our company name is a combination of the three Boolean operators once so prevalent in database searching. Early users of DB/TextWorks and other databases and search systems will recall memorizing the syntax unique to each system to perform searches and narrow results.

With the advent of search engines such as Apache Solr, and of course Google, Bing and other Internet sites, and search techniques such as automatic truncation and post-search faceting, the Boolean operators are less widely used, but still helpful for in-depth research.

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Andornot Consulting Inc.
1700 - 808 Nelson St.
Vancouver, British Columbia
V6Z 2H2
Toll Free: 1.866.266.2525
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