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A VuFind Index of Alaska North Slope Gas Resources

Every day we learn about new and diverse users of the VuFind discovery interface. Just recently, the Alaska Resources Library & Information Services (ARLIS) contacted us for some help with "The Pipe Files", a VuFind-powered index of Alaska North Slope natural gas pipeline work from the past 40 years. This specialized collection is an invaluable resource to researchers and workers in this field.

ARLIS had been using VuFind for some time, but had a list of changes and improvements they needed help with. 


The records available in The Pipe Files VuFind site are cataloged in ARLIS's main library system and exported to MARC format for import to VuFind. Records include a link to a PDF report stored on the ARLIS document server.

Over a few months, Andornot helped with the following improvements to the site:

  • We adjusted the VuFind-MARC field mapping to suit the particular characteristics of these records and to bring MARC tags into the most appropriate VuFind fields.
  • We rearranged, added, and removed fields from the search results and full record display to best present the information in these records.
  • We configured Apache Tika to extract the full text of PDFs and make it searchable.
  • We configured ImageMagick to generate cover images of the cataloged PDFs, in various sizes, and display them when viewing records.

This sort of fune-tuning resulted in a more polished and usable search interface for this unique collection. Try it out at 

Contact Andornot for help with your VuFind site, or to discuss a search interface to any collections you have.

College of Registered Nurses of BC Offers Digitized Archives

The College of Registered Nurses of BC (CRNBC) celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2012. To commemorate this milestone, a project was undertaken to digitize and make available online many decades of CRNBC publications, such as newsletters and annual reports. This collection documents the history of the college and the many nurses who contributed to its first 100 years, and perhaps most importantly, easily enables tracking of important decisions over the decades.

CRNBC Archives

Printed copies of the publications were digitized by a service bureau, with Andornot then developing the online search and presentation system.

The new site is available at

More details of the digitization workflow and tools used in the online search system are available in this blog post.

Contact Andornot for help with your own digitization project.

McGill Universities Health Centre Libraries Catalogue Now Using Responsive Layout

Earlier this year, the McGill Universities Health Centre Libraries launched a new website with a fresh, modern design. At the time, Andornot updated the library catalogue we host with a matching design.

As is often the case with a new website launch, after 6 months of real-world usage and feedback from users, a modest tune-up is sometimes needed. With frequent changes occurring to the main MUHC Libraries website, rather than recreate them each time in the hosted catalogue, we took this opportunity to rebrand it with a simpler design, but to use a responsive web framework. With this, the site is as accessible on a smartphone or tablet as on a full-size desktop web browser.

MUHC Libraries

The library's book catalogue is available directly at or though the MUCH Libraries website at  As before, it's available in both English and French, shows Google Book covers when available, and offers users a selection list to save or email records as they search. The site now also includes up-to-date loan information, pulled directly from the underlying Inmagic Genie system. The entire interface is built from the Andornot Starter Kit.

Contact us to update your search interface to a responsive one, accessible from any device.

University Health Network Upgrades to Inmagic Genie

The University Health Network (UHN), consisting of Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, Toronto General Hospital, Toronto Western Hospital and Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, recently upgraded to Inmagic Genie.

Previously the patient and family library in each location managed its collection with separate DB/TextWorks databases and licenses. Only one database was available for searching through the intranet, with a simple interface.


Andornot merged data from these into a single shared, integrated Inmagic Genie system. Library staff in each location have web-based access to Genie, but continue to manage their own collections. UHN staff can now search across all the collections through the intranet. This merge reduces the effort to support library systems as there is now only a single system to maintain.

In addition to the search interfaces offered by Genie itself, Andornot also developed a separate interface specifically for volunteers in the libraries, to enable them to help patients and families with health resources in the libraries. This web interface is based on the Andornot Starter Kit and is available on computers in the libraries.

Public access to the collections is available as well, at, using an interface built from the Andornot Starter Kit.

Contact us to take advantage of the efficiencies of a single, integrated library system such as Inmagic Genie.

Meet with Andornot in 2014

Here are some opportunities to meet with us in person next year.

Ontario Library Association Super Conference - January 2014

Kathy Bryce and Jonathan Jacobsen will be in the Andornot booth at the Ontario Library Association Super Conference in Toronto at the end of January. Exhibits are open two days of the conference:

  • Thursday, January 30: 10:30 AM - 5:30 PM
  • Friday, January 31: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

While we email and talk to you throughout the year, we like to try to meet with you in person whenever we can as well. We hope those of you attending the conference will stop by our booth to say hi.

For our clients in Toronto not currently planning to attend the conference, we'd like to invite you to visit us in the exhibit hall. We can provide you with a free pass for entry to the exhibits if you contact us. This is a great chance to chat with us, and to see what else is new in the library field.

Other Conferences in 2014

If we don't see you in Toronto in January, we hope to see you at one of the other conferences we'll be attending in 2014:

Inmagic News

Genie 3.6 Released

Inmagic GenieGenie 3.6 was released in October, with the following key features:

  • Internet Explorer 10 support.
  • Improved orders workflow.
  • Improved self-checkout.
  • Navigational improvements.

Customers with a current Inmagic maintenance subscription will have received an email with instructions for downloading this version. If you haven't received the email from Inmagic, please email with your serial number and email address so it can be resent. Please also remember to let us know if your contact information has changed so we can update our records and pass this on to Inmagic, and to contact us with any questions about upgrading.

DB/TextWorks 14 Service Pack 1 Released

Inmagic PartnerInmagic released Service Pack 1 for DB/TextWorks 14 with the following fixes:.

  • Corrected spell check issue where user dictionary was not created in a new install.
  • UI fixes related to new Profiles feature.
  • Other misc fixes.

Customers with a current Inmagic maintenance subscription will have received an email with instructions for downloading this service pack. If you haven't received the email from Inmagic, please email with your serial number and email address so it can be resent. Please also remember to let us know if your contact information has changed so we can update our records and pass this on to Inmagic, and to contact us with any questions about upgrading.

Inmagic Maintenance Subscription Offer

Have you let your Inmagic maintenance agreement lapse? Help us help you!

The Inmagic maintenance program maximizes the value of your software investment with:

  • Product upgrades and service packs
  • Unlimited 24x7 access to telephone and email technical support services
  • Eligibility for new product offerings, including Presto for DB/TextWorks and cloud services

We want to make it easy for you to make the most of your investment in Inmagic. Customers who have been off maintenance are normally subject to reinstatement fees, and are ineligible for technical support, new releases and cloud offerings.

Inmagic is extending a special, very time-limited offer to customers whose maintenance has lapsed. NO REINSTATEMENT FEES or PENALTIES will be applied to clients who renew their subscription before the end of the year.

Current versions of the software work with Windows 7 and 8, and include DB/TextWorks version 14, WebPublisher PRO version 14, and Genie version 3.6.

Upgrading DB/TextWorks is generally very straightforward as you can simply install the new version and open your database again. No conversion or extra configuration is required, although you may want to contact us to book some training time to go over new features. Check out our website for a listing of these.

Upgrading WebPublisher PRO and Genie will usually require some IT support but still is not a lengthy process. You may want to review your existing interface with us to see if we can make some enhancements at the same time.

Contact Andornot to take advantage of this offer today. Orders must be received by Monday, December 30th.

Inmagic Webinar

Inmagic will be conducting one of their regular customer webinars on December 17, to update you on what's new at Inmagic. Topics to be covered include:

  • Highlights from 2013
  • Overview of DB/TextWorks V 14.5
  • Overview of Presto v 4.3
  • Presto for DB/TextWork update

Two time slots are available. Reserve your spot in one of them now using the links below:

Tweets: Round-up of Library, Archive and Museum News

Follow Andornot on TwitterAs we come across news, projects, resources and other items we think might be of interest to our clients, we tend to post a quick tweet on our Twitter page, rather than a longer blog post. We've included a selection of recent tweets in this newsletter, but encourage you to follow us on Twitter.

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