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Happy New Year!

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Join Andornot at the Ontario Library Association Super Conference in Toronto January 29-30

Kathy Bryce and Jonathan Jacobsen will be in the Andornot booth at the Ontario Library Association Super Conference in Toronto at the end of January. Exhibits are open two days of the conference:

  • Thursday, January 29: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Friday, January 30: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

While we email and talk to you throughout the year, we like to try to meet with you in person whenever we can as well. We hope those of you attending the conference will stop by our booth to say hi.

For our clients in Toronto not currently planning to attend the conference, we'd like to invite you to visit us in the exhibit hall. We can provide you with a free pass for entry to the exhibits if you contact us. This is a great chance to chat with us, and to see what else is new in the library field.

See Us at Other Conferences in 2015

If we don't see you in Toronto in January, we hope to see you at one of the other conferences we'll be attending in 2015:

More Special Libraries Choose Discovery Interfaces

More and more of Andornot's special library clients are choosing discovery interfaces for their library catalogues. Features include:

  • fast, relevancy-based keyword search results;
  • spelling corrections and did-you-mean suggestions of alternate terms;
  • faceted browsing to easily narrow down results; 
  • tools for saving and sharing searches and records; and
  • integrated access from tablets, phones and other mobile devices.

Discovery interfaces provide the search experience that users expect from all web applications these days, and especially library catalogues.

Some of Andornot's recent special library discovery interface projects include work with:

  • The Horizon Health Network libraries in New Brunswick.
  • The Alberta Energy Regulator.
  • The Thunder Bay and Simcoe Muskoka Health Unit Libraries.
  • The Revs Institute for Automotive Research in Florida.
  • The Provincial Resource Centre for the Visually Impaired in British Columbia.

Alberta Energy Regulator VuFind  Horizon

Learn more about these projects in this blog post.

Discovery interfaces are also ideal for other collections, such as archives, digitized historic documents, art galleries, museum artifacts, and more. Some examples from Andornot's work include:

We hope these examples will inspire you to review your own search interfaces. Are they providing the best possible experience for your users? Could you incorporate extra data sources? Do your existing systems work on tablets and mobile devices? We can help you sort through the options and update your system. Contact us to discuss possibilities!

More Magic: Sneak a peek at GeniePlus, the newest release in the Inmagic Genie family

Genie Plus Sneek Peak

Lucidea invites you to a special preview of the newest release in the Inmagic Genie family: GeniePlus. Lucidea has accepted suggestions and requests from valued clients like you, and are eager to unveil exciting new capabilities. Please join Phil Green, COO and Jeremiah Saunders, Special Projects Librarian, on Jan. 20th for a special preview of these new capabilities including:

  • Comprehensive serials control with e-resource management.
  • Integrated acquisitions with cost tracking and budgetary control.
  • True authority control with full thesauri capabilities.
  • Flexible and powerful UI for expansive system configuration.
  • On the fly reporting to Excel and PDF - system wide.
  • A Unicode foundation for multilingual access.
  • Attendees will also learn about new optional capabilities for multi-branch support.

More information and to register.

Tips and Tricks

How to Optimize Genie's Catalog Edit Screen for Larger Monitors

Genie's Catalog Edit Screen includes all the fields needed to manage bibliographic records in the Genie catalogue. To help see more fields at once and minimize the need to scroll, the fields are by default split across four tabs. However, as monitors grow ever larger, with ever higher resolutions, more of a web page can be seen at once, and thus it may be more efficient to have more fields on fewer tabs. For example, here's a layout with all the core bibliographic fields on one tab, with only serial info remaining on a separate tab:

Genie-Catalog Edit Screen Optimized

It's fairly easy to re-configure Genie this way. Learn how in this blog post, or contact us for help.

Tweets: Round-up of Library, Archive and Museum News

Follow Andornot on TwitterAs we come across news, projects, resources and other items we think might be of interest to our clients, we tend to post a quick tweet on our Twitter page, rather than a longer blog post. We've included a selection of recent tweets in this newsletter, but encourage you to follow us on Twitter.

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