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Best Practices: It's not about you! Designing for your end users


When we are working with clients to design new search interfaces, we always stress the importance of defining who will be using the system, and then trying to meet the specific needs and expectations of these end users.

We often have to remind clients that "It's not about you!" Archivists and librarians in particular often ask us for search pages with lots of options as they personally are used to constructing complex queries.

Best practice in any project is to look at it from the perspective of the end users. This blog post details specific steps you can take to help ensure your project / website / application / research guide / etc. meets the needs of its intended audience.

Two New Services to Help You and Your Users

We're pleased to be offering two new services to help you and your users navigate the many information resources available to you: production of video tutorials and assistance with the development of research guides.

Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials

Written search tips and help guides are great for some users, but video walk-throughs are a terrific way to give many people a quick introduction to a website or application.

Recording a video can be challenging: choosing the software, writing a script, using the application, recording and editing the final result, and publishing it online all takes time, time you and your staff may not have.

Why not let Andornot help you provide better instruction to your users with training videos? We have the tools and expertise, and can work with you to determine the aspects of your site or the records that you wish to showcase.

More information on this service, including example videos, is available here.

Research Guides

Research Guides

How can you make sure your staff or users know how to find relevant resources, and then how to use them effectively?

Andornot can help you build and curate research or subject guides so that time is not wasted and important sources of information are not overlooked.

You know that not everything can be found on Google, but it will be the primary search choice for many users. Showcase the alternatives in easy to use, convenient guides targeted to your user's needs, such as the one shown here created by Fraser Health Library staff.

We can work with you to develop guides that can include:

  • Links to relevant and up-to-date information resources on specific topics, e.g. engineering codes and standards, local history sources, etc.
  • How-to guides, e.g. for archival or genealogical research, database searching, Google Scholar, etc.
  • Reference guides covering citation styles or copyright compliance.
  • Organization-specific best practices and policies.

We can also help choose the right software for managing the guides. Contact us to discuss all the details.

Meet with Andornot at Upcoming Conferences and Events

Andornot is pleased to be sponsoring or attending these upcoming events. We hope to see you at one of them!

SLA Western Canada Chapter Annual Speaker Event, November 24, 2015 - Vancouver, BC
Presentation by Chad Skelton on Data Visualization
SLA Western Canada
SLA Toronto Chapter Annual Holiday Social, December 10, 2015 - Toronto, ON SLA Toronto
Ontario Library Association Super Conference, January 27 - 30, 2016, 2015 - Toronto, ON Ontario Library Association

Tips and Tricks: Automated Video Transcriptions

Let YouTube Transcribe Your Videos for You!Many institutions have videos in their collections, but searching these videos for specific content can be challenging and time-consuming for staff and users alike. You can catalogue the contents of videos so that they are more searchable, but that can take a lot of staff time.

That's why YouTube's automated transcription feature is potentially helpful for institutions to have in their repertoire of tools. With a simple click of a button, a timecode synced transcript can be created for videos that you have uploaded to YouTube. While the transcript will definitely have errors, it gives you a great starting point. After editing the transcript can be added to the video's database record giving your users a way to search the video's actual contents.

Learn more about this useful took in this blog post.

Tweets: Round-up of Library, Archive and Museum News

Follow Andornot on TwitterAs we come across news, projects, resources and other items we think might be of interest to our clients, we tend to post a quick tweet on our Twitter page, rather than a longer blog post. We've included a selection of recent tweets in this newsletter, but encourage you to follow us on Twitter.

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