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Manitoba Law Library Launches New Catalogue, including Collection of Historic Judgments

The Manitoba Law Library has launched a new online catalogue featuring not only their print and electronic library resources, but a collection of over 17,500 judgments from Manitoba courts spanning 1970 to 1998.

The new site is available at and is powered by our Andornot Discovery Interface on top of Inmagic DB/TextWorks databases.

Manitoba Law Library Launches New Catalogue, including Collection of Historic Judgments

While Manitoba judgments made since 1998 are already available digitally in CANLII, the historic judgments in this collection were not previously available online or in any electronic form. Law Library staff scanned print copies of these judgments, then turned to Andornot to create a search engine for the collection.

"The Great Library has long been known to have this "secret" database of unreported judgments. Our goal was to make this collection available to everyone who wanted it, and to be able to retrieve it themselves."

-- Karen Sawatzky, Director of Legal Resources, Manitoba Law Library Inc.

Learn more about this resource and project in this blog post.

New Andornot Service: DB/TextWorks Hosting!

Andornot now offers managed hosting of Inmagic DB/TextWorks software! Previously you could only access DB/TextWorks and manage databases by installing it on a local Windows computer or server.

With our new service, you can now access DB/TextWorks and your databases through a web browser! Your licensed copy of DB/TextWorks and your databases will run safely and securely on Andornot servers, located in our Canadian data centre. You'll log in to our web portal, start up DB/TextWorks, and manage your databases with no local installation, IT involvement or effort.

The screenshot below shows a typical view of this interface with your web browser bar at the top (this example is using Safari on a Mac - yes, you can now use DB/TextWorks on a Mac!). Your logo and link to your profile appears below, along with links to your DB/TextWorks application and any shared folders or other applications we add to your account. When you open DB/TextWorks it looks and functions almost exactly the same as on your current desktop.

DBTextWorks Hosting by Andornot

Rather than waiting for your IT department to have time to install or upgrade DB/TextWorks, or troubleshoot any issues that arise, we can have you up and running quickly and easily. There's nothing you need to do except provide us with your databases and the names of users who may access them! We'll take care of installing and configuring everything for a seamless transition. And when new versions of DB/TextWorks are released, we'll take care of upgrades too.

Benefits for your Organization

  • Keep Using a Familiar Tool. Rather than switching to any other database solution, with costs for re-development, data migration and training, you can keep using the same tool you’ve used for years, upgraded as Inmagic releases new versions.
  • Terrific Support. Unlike larger hosting or cloud providers, Andornot takes pride in offering a smaller, boutique hosting program for our clients. We know each of you personally, as well as your data and applications. When you contact us with a question, you know who you’re speaking with, we know you, and we get started immediately on solving problems.
  • Expert Solutions. We are experts in DB/TextWorks. We’ve sold the software and developed solutions for it for almost 25 years. We can solve problems, provide training and help you get the most from all the features available. If additional support is needed from Inmagic, if you have a current Inmagic Maintenance Program subscription, we’ll contact Inmagic on your behalf to seek answers.
  • Reduced IT Workload. We take care of everything. No need for your local IT people to install, support, maintain or upgrade DB/TextWorks.
  • Backups. We take care of this too, so there’s no worries about whether your databases are backed up in case of problems with them.

Contact us to learn more about this new service and how it could help you.

Andornot Professional Development Grant for 2019

Andornot strongly believes in the value of attending conferences to foster professional development.

Two years ago, we introduced the Andornot Professional Development Grant, a new, annual grant to help you attend a conference or event as part of your ongoing professional development activities. Of the many excellent applications we received each year, Mark Goodwin of the BC Cancer Agency was selected in 2017, and Gayle Graham of the Nova Scotia Health Authority received the grant in 2018. Both used the funds to help them attend the Canadian Health Libraries Association Conference.

We are very pleased to be able to offer the grant again this year, to help you attend an event in 2019.

One grant of up to $1,000 is available, with an application deadline of January 31st, 2019. The funds can be used for registration or travel related expenses. We hope that this grant will provide an opportunity for someone without access to funds from their organization to network and enrich their knowledge.

To apply, just complete this application form. The recipient will be selected in early February, allowing time to register for a conference at any point in the year.

LAC's DHCP Grant Available for 2019

Library and Archives Canada has announced the launch of the 2019 funding cycle for the Documentary Heritage Communities Program (DHCP).

The DHCP provides financial assistance to the Canadian documentary heritage community for activities that:

  • increase access to, and awareness of, Canada's local documentary heritage institutions and their holdings; and
  • increase the capacity of local documentary heritage institutions to better sustain and preserve Canada's documentary heritage.

The deadline for submitting completed application packages is January 8, 2019.

This program is a great opportunity for archives, museums, historical societies and other cultural institutions to digitize their collections, develop search engines and virtual exhibits, and other activities that preserve and promote their valuable resources.

There are a number of significant changes this year:

  • The upper limit of funding for a small project has increased to $24,999. Many of the projects Andornot helps with would fall into this range.
  • Organizations which receive up to half their funding from government sources are now eligible.

Types of projects which would be considered for funding include:

  • Conversion and digitization for access purposes;
  • Conservation and preservation treatment;
  • The development (research, design and production) of virtual and physical exhibitions, including travelling exhibits;
  • Conversion and digitization for preservation purposes;
  • Increased digital preservation capacity (excluding digital infrastructure related to day-to-day activities);
  • Training and workshops that improve competencies and build capacity; and
  • Development of standards, performance and other measurement activities.
  • Collection, cataloguing and access based management; and
  • Commemorative projects.

Lists of the grants and recipients in the previous four rounds of funding are available here and may help you as you think about your own application.

Further program details, requirements and application procedures are available at

How can Andornot help?

We have extensive experience with digitizing documents, books and audio and video materials, and developing systems to manage those collections and make them searchable or presented in virtual exhibits.

Many Andornot clients have obtained DHCP grants in previous rounds, so contact us to discuss collections you have and ideas for proposals.

Is your Website Secured by HTTPS?

When browsing the web, you may have noticed your browser warning you that a site is "not secure". In Chrome, you may see something like this:

Insecure website warning in Chrome

This means that some or all of the site is running under HTTP, rather than HTTPS. HTTPS prevents intruders from listening in on communications between websites and users, and is integral to protecting the privacy and security of users on the web.

Current best practice in web hosting is to run all web sites and applications under HTTPS, which we've done for all websites and applications we host for you.

We encourage you to check all your own websites and applications to see if they are yet running under SSL, and if not, to discuss with your IT staff how best to do that.

If you have one of our applications, such as our Andornot Discovery Interface or Andornot Starter Kit for Inmagic WebPublisher PRO, and if it's an older version, you may need an upgrade from us to run it under HTTPS. Drop us an email and we'll advise you.

Tips and Tricks: DB/TextWorks Menu Screens, Sets and Record Skeletons

A recent project reminded us that many clients are not aware of the power of three functions that have been available in DB/TextWorks for years, and which can potentially streamline and speed up your workflow:

  • Menu Screens
  • Sets
  • Record Skeletons

This blog post provides a great overview of these three features, while this blog post provides even more details on how to create a menu screen, such as the one shown below.

DBTextWorks Menu screen

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