Ted is a geek. Ted loves people. His beautiful and long-suffering wife wishes he would desist from wearing his favourite shirts in public. Their three intensely wonderful kids provide hourly fodder for laughs...with a few tears in there to balance things out. They now live in Langley with no dogs, no cats, and no hamsters - much to their oldest's chagrin. They're considering a fish. A small one.

Ted grew up in Vancouver next to Granville Island - one of the most beautiful places in the world. Immediately following highschool, Ted spent three years in Hong Kong with St. Stephen's Society, a Christian organization that works with the poor and marginalized, including helping heroin addicts through withdrawal and the recovery process afterwards. During this time Ted picked up a bunch of Cantonese and discovered a deep aversion for Chicken's feet. Oh, and that it is indeed possible to reach a state of exhaustion in which you can fall asleep while walking - albeit, only briefly (fall asleep while walking that is, not exhaustion).

Ted spent many years at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the University of the Fraser Valley. Officially, that should mean he can communikate somewut. During his time at the latter, he discovered developing for the internets and he was hooked, starting to do design and development while churning out history and communications papers (major in history). He followed this up with a postgrad Applied Information Technology diploma from ITI. All in all he's got 10 plus years of thankfulness that the internet came along because otherwise he'd need to get a real job instead of spending all his time on his "hobby".

Coming from a family of artists, missionaries, teachers, and entrepreneurs, he loves that Web applications demand creativity, collaboration, and artistry intermixed with technical logic and stuff. He gets to build big wonderful things to solve real world problems - and make them pretty at the same time. An artistic geek's dream.

Ted is incredibly grateful to be able to work with such a fantastic group at Andornot. Not only is the Andornot gang technically and business-ly proficient, they genuinely care about people (including Ted). And to boot, they're wildly entertaining and hilarious. Speaking of which, when will y'all stop bothering Peter so he can get back to writing hilarious blog posts for Ted's reading pleasure?


Ted Jardine

Ted Jardine
Senior Consultant (Ovalsquare)
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