These thoughts guide our everyday work.

We are librarians

We cherish libraries, archives and museums, their collections, and the people who staff and use them. We jump at opportunities to advocate for them, to make their collections more accessible, to teach new generations to manage them, to keep them from shuttering.

We are a curious people

We Andornaughts are a curious people, in all senses of the word. We love problems, we seek out challenges, we enjoy hearing what stumps you, we'll leap at anything you throw at us.

We are open-minded

We approach all projects with an open mind. We want to understand your needs, your users, your IT environment and your organizational culture. We find or develop products to suit your needs, keeping in mind your budget and other constraints. We don't shoehorn you into pre-conceived solutions, but use every project as an opportunity to craft the best fit for you.

We seek the best fit

In developing software solutions, we often select products from a combination of commercial vendors and open-source communities, matching the best tool for each aspect of a project. 

For example, we might recommend that a library might use Inmagic Genie for cataloguing, serials management and circulation, but VuFind as the public-facing search interface. 

We might suggest that an archives use DB/TextWorks with the Andornot Archives Starter Kit for accessions and descriptions, but the Andornot Discovery Interface for a fabulous search engine for other archivists and the community at large.

We are multi-lingual

We speak IT as fluently as MARC, RAD, EAD, LCSH and the other acronyms and jargons of our profession. We are liasons between users and library / archival staff, between staff and IT, between staff and management. We translate the needs of one into the constraints of the other, finding the balance that enables a project to go ahead.