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by Administrator Tuesday, August 29, 2006 4:50 PM
The Andornot home page has been updated to display top items from our RSS feeds:

Andornot News, Developer's Blog, WebPublisher Links, and Inmagic's Support Knowledgebase are now available as RSS and can be subscribed to and read from any feed reader.

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The WebPublisher Links and Inmagic Support Knowledgebase feeds were made with Andornot's RSS Control, which converts any WebPublisher query into RSS. The feeds on the Andornot home page are displayed with Andornot's RSS Viewer, a configurable reader that can be dropped on a page to show recent items from a feed.

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Search Cannery Update

by Administrator Friday, August 25, 2006 3:52 PM
The Andornot search cannery at has been updated with new choices for Content Server, more query parameters, *lots* more contextual help, and a bit of a cross-browser facelift. The search cannery is a wizard which constructs WebPublisher canned queries based on your selections. Easier than doing it in Notepad!


Environmental Law Centre Resource Catalog on Internet

by Administrator Wednesday, August 23, 2006 11:35 AM
Environmental law resources are now available at your fingertips at This useful source from the Environmental Law Centre in Edmonton uses Inmagic WebPublisher Pro and Andornot's WebPublisher Developer Kit with the ordering cart feature.

Navigation within the database is easy as it contains Ajax Index Popups, and various Andornot built scripts such as Revise (Rewind) Search, Next and Previous hyperlinks, Back to Search Results hyperlinks, Friendly Find, and Change Form Dropdown.

It also features a template that integrates nicely with the rest of their lovely site on a server in Edmonton, AB. The database is hosted on our servers in Vancouver, BC, and with our templating system we have made the switching between servers seamless.

The Library of the Environmental Law Centre is a specialized collection of materials relevant to environmental law and policy, primarily in Alberta, but selectively in other jurisdictions as well. Iris Djurfors, the librarian says, "We are very excited and pleased with the site Andornot developed for our library catalog. They worked very quickly to finish the project, integrated the design of the database to fit so well with our existing website and were very helpful in working with us through some issues as they arose."

Link here to see this catalog and if you are a resident of Western Canada you can even borrow items.

Inmagic Genie route slips

by Administrator Tuesday, August 22, 2006 2:53 PM
In Genie version 2.1 only one routing slip prints if you check in two issues of a serial at one time. To fix this:
  • In the folder Program Files\Inmagic\Genie\ConfigFiles, open MyReports.config.
  • Search for the entry SerDateToRoute in the Serials Reports under the Route 1on8.5x11 section. <field name="SerDateToRoute" header="Date of Issue: ">
  • Add the attribute OneEntryPerRecord= "true" This line should now read: <Field Name="SerDateToRoute" Header="Date of Issue: " OneEntryPerRecord="true" /> Save the changes.
  • Then open Mylabels.config in the same folder. Search for the entry SerDateToRoute: <Field Name="SerDateToRoute" Header="Date of Issue: " Style="font-size:12pt" UseFunction="FirstEntry"/>
  • Remove UseFunction="FirstEntry", add OneEntryPerRecord= "true" This line should now read: <Field Name="SerDateToRoute" Header="Date of Issue: " Style="font-size:12pt" OneEntryPerRecord= "true" />

@Inmagic - Summer 2006 newsletter available

by Administrator Wednesday, August 16, 2006 12:16 PM
The latest @Inmagic newsletter is now available from the Inmagic website.

This includes highlights of new features planned for Inmagic Genie version 3 due out in the fall. Look for:
  • OPAC enhancements, including "My Genie OPAC" - a personalized OPAC for the end user
  • Added configurability, including configurable "Edit" screens
  • Workflow improvements, including a Statistics page (preview overdue loans, overdue serial issues, etc. with links to view report and email notices), and the ability to upload and route an image of Serials issue Table of Contents
  • MARC record acquisition enhancements, including the ability to find, download and import MARC cataloging records via the Web, and also a BookWhere XML Transform
  • Support of the .NET Framework 2.0.

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