Andornot newsletter - October 2006

by Administrator Thursday, October 26, 2006 3:47 PM
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Fall is here and the Andornot team has some exciting products that will help your organization deliver database content in creative ways. Take a look at the revamped home page of our website which showcases some of these new products and provides you with easy access to current news and developments.

In this issue:
-- Latest Andornot News
-- New Andornot Products
-- RSS Control And Viewer
-- OneSearch
-- Andornot Starter kit
-- Inmagic User Group meetings
-- Inmagic Notes
-- New and updated websites
-- Cool Tools & Tips
-- Other Announcements...

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dtSearch version 7.3 released

by Administrator Wednesday, October 25, 2006 10:08 AM
dtSearch has announced Version 7.3 of the dtSearch product line, including preliminary support for Word 2007 (*.docx) and Excel 2007 (*.xlsx), based on the current Office 2007 beta and available documentation. For detailed release notes, please see:

dtSearch has also announced beta testing of dtSearch Version 7.4, with a new option to automatically recognize dates, email addresses, and credit card numbers during indexing. This version also continues the beta test of the 64-bit version of the dtSearch Engine. For additional information, including download instructions, please see:

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Inmagic Genie version 3.0 released

by Administrator Tuesday, October 24, 2006 11:43 AM
Inmagic, Inc. today announced the general release of Version 3.0 of its web-based Genie integrated library system. (press release)

Genie v3.0 includes some exciting new features such as:
  • My Library functionality - users can log in to view their open loans, overdues, reserves, and the serials that are routed to them.
  • A Librarian's Dashboard to quickly view the status of various library operations, i.e. overdue loans; late serials, active reserves etc.
  • Integration with BookWhere software to import MARC records.
  • Support for the Firefox browser for OPAC users.

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The Uri gotcha that gotcha'd me good

by Peter Tyrrell Friday, October 20, 2006 1:28 PM

When working on ASP.NET web applications, it's not unusual to be working with the System.Uri class, which is an object representing a uniform resource identifier (URI). It can spit back handy references to various properties of a URL, such as host, query, scheme, yada yada.

I was down in the dingy Andornot lab today, working on the Onesearch class library and feeling clever because I was using Uri objects to hold WebPublisher search URLs instead of mere strings. But strangely, something kept going wrong whenever I called upon the Uri to actually perform a web request. The search text I was passing in was not getting encoded. (This is so "doctor & nurse" gets encoded to "doctor+%26+nurse" and doesn't make WebPublisher cry like a wet-nappied baby.)

I encoded that string every which way I knew how, and viewed the results in the trace log. It was going in encoded, but somehow whenever I asked for the whole Uri as a string to make a web request, it came out "doctor+&+nurse". I was going completely bananas. Had I slipped into some alternate Twilight Zone universe? Was there a bug in the .NET 2.0 framework? Where was my encoding? Double U Tee Eff!

I finally figured it out. I had been asking for Uri.ToString(), which indeed returns a full string representation of the Uri, sans encoding, even if you had forced encoding upon any portion of the Uri previously. Buggrit! Millenium hand and shrimp! I humbly accept my chastisement from the gods, and ask instead for Uri.AbsoluteUri(), which returns a full string with encoding. Amen.

As a postscript, UriBuilder.Query is a trip-up as well. Do not append a string directly to this property! I did, and now I'm sorry.


uriBuilder.Query += "&QI0=smith";

What does that get you? Two question marks preceding the query instead of one.


uriBuilder.Query = uriBuilder.Query.Substring(1) + "&QI0=smith";


Install CS 9 side-by-side with CS 1.3

by Peter Tyrrell Thursday, October 05, 2006 2:32 PM

Lord knows why you'd want to do this, but it is possible. I have to do it to support as many client configurations as possible, but that's *my* nightmare.

I had CS 1.3 installed on the ICS_MSDE instance, just like the install directions told me to. Everything was default, so nothing strange about it.

I wanted to install CS 9 on SQL Server 2005 Express, though, not MSDE. I think that's the recommendation from Inmagic anyway. However, I wanted to keep CS 1.3 going on its original instance and not upgrade it.

All I had to do was install CS 9 in a different directory. So instead of letting it upgrade my CS 1.3 install at \Inmagic\Content Server, I forced it to install at \Inmagic\ContentServer9. I've done this before with DB/Text, and since this portion of the install has nothing to do with the database back-end, I figured I could get away with it for CS, and I was right.

When the time came to tell the CS 9 Admin tool what SQL instance to use, I pointed it at my SQL Express instance (I had previously installed SQL Express months ago). Hey presto. Actually, it wasn't immediate presto, because I had SQL Express configured to use Windows Authentication only and CS Workgroup needs it to use mixed mode (both Windows and SQL Authentication). Once I figured that out, though, truly presto was my name-o.

Now I have CS 1.3 running on MSDE and CS 9 running on SQL Express on my Win XP workstation. Some days after work I make them do little drag races. They also scrap with each other when I drop them into a bell jar.



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