@Inmagic December 2007 newsletter now available

by Administrator Friday, December 28, 2007 2:32 PM

Check out the latest issue of the @Inmagic newsletter. Please contact us if you would like further information on any of the products or topics mentioned.

@Inmagic December Newsletter - Table of Contents:

Company News:

  • Inmagic receives investment capital
  • A message from the president

Product News:

  • DB/TextWorks v11 and WebPublisher PRO v11

Industry Trends:

  • Terminology update

Tips & Tricks:

  • Using Genie Foundation efficiently

Featured Customers:

  • Fulbright & Jaworski join Inmagic in presenting new Webinar: "Workflow and Collaboration for Law Libraries"

Worldwide partners active with user groups


  • Inmagic®Genie Webinars
  • Inmagic® Presto Webinars
  • Inmagic product training
  • Learn about best practices in research asset management


  • IL 2007 recap
  • Law Webinar: "Workflow and Collaboration for Law Libraries"
  • SARC IV: Jeffrey Wolfe describes application of Inmagic® Presto for shuttle safety project at NASA
  • Computers in Libraries 2008
  • SLA 2008
  • Partner Events

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Webpublisher slowdown traced to UNC link fields

by Peter Tyrrell Thursday, December 20, 2007 3:00 PM

I've been working with a set of client textbases for a little while, and have been flummoxed by Inmagic Webpublisher taking up to 30 seconds to return a puny 50 record result set. There are a lot of secondary link fields in these textbases, and I had a gut feeling they were to blame. Somehow.

I assumed the link fields were pointing to local dev copies of the secondary textbases. I was wrong. I just discovered that the link fields were trying to reach out via UNC path to a servername in my client's network environment. Ah.


Almost every query except the cached ones were attempting to resolve this network path, thus accounting for the incredible amount of time spent churning. I had even noticed that refreshing the page after a timeout got the full query results in a fraction of a second, but didn't connect the dots. (I.e. query results were completed in every case, so the response wasn't hung up on the query process per se.)

Sigh. The hardest thing to do when troubleshooting is to uncover one's own assumptions.


Could Google index a Webpublisher database?

by Peter Tyrrell Thursday, December 20, 2007 10:40 AM

I hear people ask this question a lot: "Can Google index my Inmagic Webpublisher database?" And so far, the answer has been a disappointing "nope". Database records are only reachable via complicated URLs with long query strings, and search engine policy is to ignore such URLs.

But I had a thought today while listening to a .NET Rocks! podcast about the recent ASP.NET implementation of the MVC (model-view-controller) pattern, and how one of its big strengths is the ability to work with predictable and logical URLS that don't have to correspond to a file on disk, negating the need for clever URL rewriting. Jeff Palermo, the expert interviewee on the subject, cited an example URL an online retailer might use to make its widget products indexable by search engines:


And I thought, why not do this for Webpublisher? Not put the MVC pattern into practice necessarily, but use URLs like that to produce Webpublisher query results. With clever URL rewriting. (I.e. handle the URL behind the scenes server-side, not merely *redirect*.)

For example, /catalog/title/the_golden_compass could search for "Title = 'The Golden Compass' in the Catalog database." The path would contain the logic required to construct the query. More examples:




One would then need to produce some kind of site map that gave Google the links to follow.

I bet this would work. I'll try it in the next few weeks and report back.



Andornot holiday hours

by Administrator Monday, December 17, 2007 3:37 PM
Our offices will be closed on December 24th, 25th and 26th, 2007 and January 1st 2008. Many of us are taking some additional time off over the holiday but all voicemails, and emails to info@andornot.com,will be monitored and replied to as soon as possible.

Happy holidays from all of us!

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Inmagic receives $5 million investment from Edison Venture Fund

by Administrator Thursday, December 13, 2007 10:28 PM
Today Inmagic announced a strategic investment of five million dollars in Inmagic by Edison Venture Fund. This investment will be used by Inmagic to expand product development, marketing, support and global sales.

For those who are worried that Inmagic has been sold to the Edison Venture Fund, the answer is no, Edison is strictly a financial investor in Inmagic. In addition, your relationship with Andornot will not change either, due to this investment.

Read the press release and the FAQ on the Inmagic website for more details.

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