Inmagic offers year-end promotions for upgrading to Genie, WebPublisher PRO or Presto

by Administrator Tuesday, November 11, 2008 4:18 PM

If you've wished you could afford to upgrade to Inmagic® Genie or WebPublisher PRO, Inmagic is now offering year-end promotions for orders placed before December 31, 2008.  Inmagic have also announced a new policy which provides upgrade credits for existing clients based on the product already owned. These credits can be combined with the upgrade promotions for an even better deal!

  • Formerly only available on CS/Text, Genie is also now available for DB/Text®. Get all the benefits of the Genie ILS without converting your other non-library textbases. (Check out our new demo site here.)
  • If you manage non-library resources, or have the need for a more custom library catalog application, then WebPublisher PRO offers you the tools to create a powerful web based search interface.
  • There are also promotions on Inmagic® Presto which offers the latest Enterprise 2.0 advances in Knowledge Management and publishing capabilities allowing you to manage more diverse content and support broader communities. Presto combines your collections, archives and other vetted information with the "wisdom of the community" to enable social intelligence and create Social Knowledge Networks. Check out the Inmagic news Blog to see why the latest releases are creating such a stir in the industry.

Please contact us to obtain a quote for these year-end special customer appreciation promotions.

Drug Policy Alliance Network Launches Genie

by Jonathan Jacobsen Monday, November 10, 2008 4:08 PM

The Lindesmith Library at the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA), a progressive American organization that promotes policy alternatives to the war on drugs, has just launched an online library of over 15,000 records related to drug policy. Based on Inmagic Genie, the library integrates data from three previously separate databases, providing a single search-point for a wealth of specialized resources. The records include books, videos and journals, as well as numerous online articles and resources.

Andornot provided data conversion services to DPA, converting data from a DB/TextWorks library catalog textbase and a periodicals textbase, as well as a ColdFusion Content Management System, into the Genie Catalog, Serials, and Orders modules.

A number of Genie configuration options were utilized to tailor this Genie site to the specific requirements of DPA and their users.

  • We configured the Genie OPAC to have a header at the top that matches the header on other pages related to the DPA Network Lindesmith Library (see our developer blog post on how we did this).
  • We installed our Autoboolean search script for the first time in Genie. This feature allows users to enter any keywords in selected fields in any order, and have the AND operator (&) applied. This was particularly useful for DPA in the author field, where author names have sometimes been entered as "First Name Last Name" and other times as "Last Name, First Name."
  • The OPAC InfoCart was renamed to Record List to (see our developer blog post on how we did this).

You can view some of the other configuration options Andornot has utilized in our Genie Demo site.

Please contact us for product pricing and consulting quotes.

Enhancing the Genie OPAC Page Header

by Jonathan Jacobsen Sunday, November 09, 2008 10:24 PM


The options for including a header across the top of the Genie OPAC pages that are supported by Genie out-of-the-box  are limited to referencing an image in the myGenie.config file, using the following line:

<add key="MyLogo" value="images/your_logo.gif" />

The image referenced in this line appears at the top of all OPAC pages. The image can be a small logo, or can extend the full width of the OPAC pages (approx. 800 pixels) to provide an eye-catching header. For some sites, this is all that is required.

However, if you want to have the Genie OPAC header match an existing public or internal website, a simple image may not be sufficient. Typically a header includes text, images and site navigation, so HTML may be required, not just an image.

You can insert a custom header that includes HTML in the Genie header by editing the OPAC .aspx files directly. These include:

  • opac.aspx
  • opac_report.aspx
  • opac_cart.aspx
  • opac_items_search.aspx
  • opac_items_report.aspx
  • opac_loans_checkout.aspx
  • opac_loans_report.aspx
  • login.aspx
  • logout.aspx

While you may include the complete header HTML in these .aspx pages directly, it is more efficient to place it in a separate file, then use an user control to pull it in. For example, if a file called header.ascx is created and contains the HTML for the site header, then add the following statement at the top of opac.aspx:

<%@ Register Src="~/include/header.ascx" TagName="Header" TagPrefix="uc" %>

and the following statement immediately after the <body> tag in opac.aspx:

<uc:Header ID="Header1" runat="server"></uc:Header>

This will result in the contents of header.ascx being included in the page when served to the user.

By separating the header HTML from the page, rather than embedding it in each of the OPAC pages, it is easy to subsequently edit the header to match changes to the rest of the site, without having to edit each OPAC page.

The same technique may be used to include a footer, or any other secondary content, within the OPAC pages.

One caveat of this technique is that if future versions of Genie include changes to any of the OPAC .aspx pages, the upgrade process will likely overwrite the modified versions. It is therefore important to keep a backup copy of those pages, and following the upgrade, to edit the new OPAC .aspx pages to re-insert the above code.

Note also that in the above example, in the path "~/include/header.ascx", the ~ means "resolve to application root", which is typically the folder in which Genie is installed, and /include/ is a new folder created to store all the files and images related to the header, to keep it separate from the Genie files themselves.

Andornot Inmagic Genie demo launched

by Administrator Sunday, November 09, 2008 3:22 PM

Andornot is a value added reseller and consultant for Inmagic Genie and to assist clients evaluate the product we have just launched a demo site.  

The OPAC demo is available in both English and French. The English OPAC search and results screens have been changed from the default settings and configured with some of the options listed in Andornot's Genie Configuration Options (.pdf) document. 

There is also a sample My Genie link showing the report that end users would see when they login.  The demo Items textbase includes the full text of some sample Table of Contents. When a serial is checked in, a link to the PDF and if permitted, the full text, can be uploaded and made searchable through the Items textbase. The Items query screen is pre-populated to limit searches to just these records.

    The Genie functions for library staff, such as Cataloging, Serials and Orders, are also available but require a login account. Please contact us for the username and password or to obtain more information or a price quote. Our Developers Blog also features regular posts on Genie configuration and enhancements.

    @Inmagic October newsletter now available

    by Administrator Monday, November 03, 2008 7:54 PM

    Check out the latest issue of the @Inmagic newsletter.


    • President's Message

    • Product News

      • Inmagic Announces Inmagic® Presto v3.0: Social Presto!

      • Genie v3.2 Released!

      • Content Server v11 Released!

    • Tech Tip

      • DB/TextWorks Date Format

    • Featured Customer (Andornot Client - Algoma University)

    • Education

    • Press

      • Inmagic Launches Presto 3.0 With Social Volume Controls

      • ECM: Collaboration rules!

      • Inmagic: Turning Up the Knob on Social Volume

      • Inmagic Taps SAVVIS for Social Knowledge Network Hosting in the Cloud

    • Events

      • 5 Steps to a Social Library: Inmagic Presto for Social Libraries

      • The Road to Social Knowledge Networks: A New Blog Series from Inmagic

      • Internet Librarian 2008 Recap

      • Inmagic Webinar "New Generation Knowledge Management: Social Knowledge Networks" a Success!

    Please contact us if you would like further information on any of the products or topics mentioned.

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