Turning Carriage Return / Line Feeds into HTML Line Breaks in Inmagic Genie

by Jonathan Jacobsen Wednesday, February 25, 2009 10:36 AM


If you have imported information into Genie from another source, using TextWorks or the importer, or typed it in directly in TextWorks, you may have lines of text that are separated only by line feeds, rather than entered as subfields.  They may have appeared to have the correct layout in TextWorks, but when displayed on the web in Genie, may appear to run together.

For example, text that started out like this:


Chapter 1: Feasibility

Chapter 2: Accountability

Chapter 3: Operational Issues

may appear online as:

ContentsChapter 1: FeasibilityChapter 2: AccountabilityChapter 3: Operational Issues

To have this appear as intended in Genie, you could edit each record individually in the Genie Catalog, but a faster way is to use TextWorks to Batch Replace those line breaks with subfield marks. (You will need to have access to the TextWorks Windows client to do this) .

To do this:

1. In TextWorks, search for all records with data in the field requiring modification, using the * wildcard in that field.

2. Select Records > Batch Modify from the TextWorks menu.

3. Complete the Batch Modify dialogue as follows:

  • Field to Modify: select the field requiring modification
  • Operation: "Substitute Text"
  • Affects: Matching
  • Find What: {LF}
  • Replace With: {SF}

{LF} represents a line feed or paragraph break. {SF} represents a subfield indicator.

4. Perform the batch modification to change all occurrences of the line feed character in the selected field in the selected records to a subfield indicator, then check the results in Genie.

Note: If you are at all in doubt about the batch modification process, backup your complete database before making any changes.

Next, you would edit the MyReports.config configuration file. In this file, find the OPACFull report and the relevant field within that report definition, and add the following line:


e.g. <Field Name="CatAbstract" Separator="&lt;br/&gt;"/>

This causes every subfield to be separated with the <br/> tag. Repeat for the CatalogFull report and any other reports in which this field appears.

Another option in Genie is to edit the MyReports.config file to wrap the field in <pre> tags, which causes the text to display exactly as entered, without the use of subfields. The disadvantage of this approach is that the text will appear in a fixed-width font and long lines will not wrap. If you wish to try this, edit the field definition as described above, in MyReports.config, to add

Header="&lt;pre&gt;"and Footer="&lt;/pre&gt;"

e.g. <Field Name="CatAbstract" Header="&lt;pre&gt;" Footer="&lt;/pre&gt;"/>

and see if you like this look in Genie.


Fix CSS positioning and floats in IE

by Peter Tyrrell Friday, February 20, 2009 1:15 PM

I run into CSS position problems with IE6 every so often when using elements that float, or with position:absolute inside a position:relative parent. Not so often that I immediately recall how to fix it, of course, and each time the problem crops up it's just different enough from last time to appear as a separate and unrelated problem. Here's hoping that writing it down will make it stick. And of course, I get some catharsis in pointing a hysterical finger at that Great Satan behind all the problems, IE6 itself, which Norway has declared war on. I'm cheering for Norway, but IE6 has all the staying power and good looks of the cockroach, so I rather suspect it will smugly survive the Norwegian Gambit and become the official browser of the post-nuclear-exchange web.

The best description I've ever read of IE's layout deficiencies are covered in depth in the "On having layout" article at http://www.satzansatz.de/cssd/onhavinglayout.html, but for those who are more interested in applying the fix quickly without whys and wherefores, here it is: force the element to have "layout" by applying a width or height. There is more than one way to do this, but the following fulfills my needs.

Part One - zoom:1

Zoom is an MS proprietary CSS property that forces layout to any element in IE5.5+. Hide zoom with conditional comments if you want the CSS to validate. Doesn't work on IE5.0.

   1: <!--[if lte IE 7]><style type="text/css">
   2:     .someElement { zoom:1; }
   3: </style><![endif]-->

More info in the "On having layout" article on hack management: http://www.satzansatz.de/cssd/onhavinglayout.html#hackmanagement.

Part Two - Standards Mode

This should really be part one. Do not allow your website to render in quirks mode! Choose and use a valid doctype before designing your layout so that all browsers render your pages in standards mode. Else you really cannot count on this fix or any other. Unless of course you are designing your site to only be viewed in IE6 come the onset of that nuclear winter, in which case you will also want to consider the usability requirements of your primary end user: the cockroach.



Inmagic Partner's Meeting - Andornot #1 for total sales

by Administrator Wednesday, February 18, 2009 6:26 PM

Andornot was delighted to be recognized at the Inmagic Partner's Meeting last week with an award for achieving the highest total sales of any dealership. The Partner Meeting was an intense, exciting week as dealers from the US, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Spain gathered for presentations and training sessions.   Road maps for the various upcoming Inmagic product releases were reviewed, plus of course there were discussions around pricing in recessionary times. The good news is that some promotional offers are still available, but the bad news for Canadians is that prices have been adjusted upwards to compensate for the loonie's drop in value against the US dollar. However, the special offers plus credits for existing products still provide some very good deals, so be sure to contact us for a quote!

The last few days were spent in training on the latest release of Inmagic® Presto.  This is Inmagic's premium product for Social Knowledge Networks (SKN's). If you are not familiar with this term yet, take a moment to read through the article in the December 2008 issue of the SLA's Information Outlook written by Phil Green, CTO of Inmagic. Inc.  Inmagic Presto, plus Presto for Social Libraries which works with the Inmagic® Library Suite, offer some interesting opportunities for bringing together knowledge management and social technologies in a secure, web-based environment. There has been considerable industry buzz around these two products. The January 22nd 2008 news release "Inmagic Announces Industry's First Social Library Solution" describes the concepts in more detail -  "The social library is more than just a concept rooted in the promises of library 2.0 and social media," says Green. "It leverages both content and user knowledge in ways never before imagined. By integrating Web 2.0 capabilities, library workflow, information management, and publishing technologies, social libraries extend the value of the special library, and fundamentally change its significance, relevancy, and usefulness." 

Importing biblios.net records into Inmagic Genie

by Kathy Bryce Sunday, February 01, 2009 10:03 PM

‡biblios.net from LibLime was launched at the ALA Midwinter meeting in Denver last week. It is a free browser-based cataloging service with a data store containing over 30 million records. Records are licensed under the Open Data Commons, making the service the world's largest repository of freely-licensed library records.  For additional information you can also listen to a podcast with the LibLime CEO, Josh Ferraro.

The site features a very clean, easy to use interface with options to select target libraries and refine search results by authors, publishers, subjects and dates. ‡biblios.net also offers the ability to export records in MARC XML, and in my tests so far, this data imports nicely into Genie in the Inmagic Library Suite. To see the level of detail in the default upload, check out our Genie demo site and search for "Torts" in the Anyword box.  

The built in ability in Genie to upload BookWhere generated MARC XML can be used to also upload ‡biblios.net records. BookWhere users will miss features such as the rating of the quality of the MARC records. However ‡biblios.net provides libraries that don't use BookWhere with another option for obtaining high quality catalog records.  As for BookWhere records, the XSL file included with Genie can be modified to include additional MARC fields if needed, for example no call numbers are added by default, but the XSL can be edited to add whichever MARC tag is appropriate for the classification scheme in use.

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