What I have learned the hard way (as usual) with VMWare

by Peter Tyrrell Wednesday, May 27, 2009 11:41 AM

Always take snapshots when the guest is powered-down.

Although in VMWare Workstation you can take a snapshot at any time, you cannot clone a snapshot taken of a powered-on guest.

So for example, I patched a new Windows Server 2003 guest OS with dozens of Windows Updates, installed SQL Server, installed and configured SQL Server Reporting Services, etc. It took hours. I made snapshots at each phase, and indeed was able to revert back to one after screwing up royally. However, when I later went to clone the "all patches" snapshot to re-use the guest somewhere else, I was unable to do so because the guest had been on when I took the snapshot. I pulled out all my teeth in frustration and smashed them with a hammer, then began uninstalling everything after the patches.

Check the guest firewall settings if you have host-to-guest network problems

If you have double-checked that the virtual network settings are not to blame for an inability of the host to communicate with the guest, then ensure the guest firewall settings are not blocking incoming requests.

In my case the guest was using bridged networking and could ping the host and connect to the internet via the LAN gateway. The host could not ping the guest, the reason being that the guest firewall disallowed incoming echo requests by default. Further, since I wanted to use the guest as an http server, I needed to allow http requests at the firewall level. The agony preceding this discovery was akin to a hot knife stabbing repeatedly into my liver.

32 bit guests created on a 64 bit host can only be deployed on a 32 bit host if the deployed host hardware supports 64 bit processing

This one is counterintuitive. Just because it's a 32 bit guest doesn't mean it's going to run on a 32 bit host.

Newer machines tend to support 64 bit processing. Older ones don't. It's entirely possible that a host will be running a 32 bit OS but be 64 bit capable. How do you know? Download CPU-Z and it will examine the hardware and tell you. The VMWare CPU Identification Utility might also help, but I'm unclear as to whether it just checks for a 64 bit OS, or hardware 64 bit capability.


West Vancouver Archives launches web search interface

by Kathy Bryce Friday, May 22, 2009 9:25 AM

The West Vancouver Archives has been a long time user of Inmagic software and Archives On  line. A new searWVMA Admin Historychable interface to their descriptions database is now available from the District of West Vancouver website at http://archives.westvancouver.ca/

This interface was developed by Andornot using Inmagic WebPublisher PRO and Andornot’s Archival Starter Kit as a basis.  A neat feature is the addition of links to biographical or administrative history data which is maintained in a separate textbase.  To see examples of these, search on Cypress Park Primary School or Rupert Harris on and click on the Creator link in the full record display. 

Over a thousand images have been scanned. Searches can be restricted to just these records by checking the box to limit to electronic items only on the Advanced seaWVMA full record with imagerch screen.

The archivist, Shaunna Moore gave us some great feedback:

"Andornot consistently demonstrated a dedication to our project that exceeded our expectations. By providing a comprehensive knowledge of the software combined with an enthusiasm to meeting the particulars of our organizational needs, the Andornot team ensured that our end product was a user friendly archival database system ideally suited to our staff and community."

Please contact us for more information on the software and tools used for this project.

Burnaby Art Gallery: Collection Management and Art Rental Systems

by Jonathan Jacobsen Thursday, May 21, 2009 5:06 PM

Andornot recently completed two projects for the Burnaby Art Gallery in Burnaby, British Columbia: one for the gallery's main collection and one for their art rental and sales program.

Collection Management System

The gallery's main collection is largely made up of works on paper by Canadian artists. Special consideration is given to the acquisition of multiples (e.g. original prints) and of works distinctly relevant to the citizens of Burnaby.

This collection was previously managed in a legacy database application only available to gallery staff. The gallery consulted with Andornot to replace the legacy system with TextWorks and to make the collection available on the web for public searching. The results of the project can be seen in the searchable database available on the gallery's website.

Notable features of the web portion of the project include:

  • Alphabetical lists of artists included in the collection, for easy browsing.
  • Quick links to artworks by popular artists and on popular topics (created using the Andornot Search Cannery).
  • Thumbnail images of the artworks in the search results when available, with the ability to expand to a full-size image. This feature was enabled with the Andornot Image Handler with the benefit that administrators need only create a single image, and the Image Handler dynamically generates thumbnails as needed.

The desktop portion of the project provides a TextWorks interface for managing artworks, artists and exhibits and includes detailed fields for tracking conservation history.

Art Rental and Sales System

The gallery's popular art rental program provides individuals and organizations with access to contemporary works of art at very reasonable rates. The gallery was previously using two legacy applications to manage the artworks available in the program and the financial aspects of rentals and sales.

With a successful implementation of CS/TextWorks for the gallery's main collection complete, it was a natural extension to investigate using TextWorks for art rental management as well.

Darrin Martens, curator of the gallery, explains: "We wanted to make more use of the Inmagic software we already use to manage our collection and retire two older applications that weren't meeting our needs. The TextWorks databases that Andornot created are terrific and save us a great deal of time each month in managing art rentals."

Andornot's solution supports the management of artworks, artists, and clients, processing of rental and sale transactions, monthly and quarterly billing, and generation of annual client and artist statements. All functions and information related to the art rental program are now available in one set of linked databases, accessible to the staff who need it.

Contact us to learn how you can use TextWorks to manage your gallery's collection or art rental program, or any other information repository.

Inmagic Appoints Ron Matros as President and Chief Executive Officer

by Administrator Thursday, May 21, 2009 2:18 PM

Inmagic today announced the appointment of a new President and CEO. In his new role, Matros will lead all key facets of the business, including engineering, services, finance, sales, marketing, and new business development. He also joins Inmagic's Board of Directors.

"I am honored and excited to be joining the Inmagic team at one of the most historic times in the company's history," said Ron Matros, President and CEO of Inmagic. "The company has an outstanding reputation in the industry, with a diverse and loyal customer base. The market reaction to Social Knowledge Networks has been unprecedented, and I'm looking forward to working with Inmagic's employees, customers, and partners to drive growth and value throughout the Inmagic network."

Read the full press release.

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TypeMock unit testing

by Ted Jardine Wednesday, May 20, 2009 9:18 AM
I like free! As Michal Talaga in turn quotes TypeMock's promotion page:
Unit Testing ASP.NET? ASP.NET unit testing has never been this easy. Typemock is launching a new product for ASP.NET developers – the ASP.NET Bundle - and for the launch will be giving out FREE licenses to bloggers and their readers. The ASP.NET Bundle is the ultimate ASP.NET unit testing solution, and offers both Typemock Isolator, a unit test tool and Ivonna, the Isolator add-on for ASP.NET unit testing, for a bargain price. Typemock Isolator is a leading .NET unit testing tool (C# and VB.NET) for many ‘hard to test’ technologies such as SharePoint, ASP.NET, MVC, WCF, WPF, Silverlight and more. Note that for unit testing Silverlight there is an open source Isolator add-on called SilverUnit. The first 60 bloggers who will blog this text in their blog and tell us about it, will get a Free Isolator ASP.NET Bundle license (Typemock Isolator + Ivonna). If you post this in an ASP.NET dedicated blog, you'll get a license automatically (even if more than 60 submit) during the first week of this announcement. Also 8 bloggers will get an additional 2 licenses (each) to give away to their readers / friends. Go ahead, click the following link for more information on how to get your free license.
Yep, free sounds good. I've not had a chance to try out TypeMock, so this will be a good opportunity.


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