Using DB/TextWorks for research notes and reference questions

by Kathy Bryce Thursday, April 21, 2011 1:37 PM

Twice this week I have been visiting clients and noticed directories full of research notes and other background historical material. However logically these file folders may be arranged and the files named, searching through for a name or topic can be time consuming.    Our Archives Starter Kit includes a Research database which is set up to allow clients to track requests for information, but it could be used for indexing existing documents too.  So today I did an experiment with the data for St George’s School in Vancouver.   The archivist, Elizabeth Knox, has compiled hundreds of Word documents and Excel spreadsheets over the years.  Research Notes screenshot

DB/TextWorks has an Import Document function, so we pointed this at a file folder of 10 or so Word documents created as part of a Christmas memories project.  We specified the field for the ingest of extracted text, and the field to hold the document path.   In just a few minutes the documents were imported and indexed.  As the file folder was named Christmas Memories we could search and find all these records, but we also added value by batch modifying after import to populate several other fields to enhance the records.  Ideally each document record should be edited individually to pull out names and events into validated fields.  However already the text of each document is fully searchable, and words and phrases  or dates can be combined using standard DB/TextWorks syntax for much more robust searching capabilities than a Windows file search. Only the text is stored within DB/TextWorks and all formatting is lost, but search terms are highlighted making it easy to quickly see if an item is of relevance. The import process can incorporate the file path to the original document for easy retrieval if after searching, the original with formatting is required.

Elizabeth plans to start logging the numerous requests she receives for information or photos of alumni, and research for various school projects.  Most of the data entry will be simple cut and paste from emails, thus making this other source of data searchable in the same interface. She will then be able to provide the school administration with reports specifying the number and type of requests and how long each took.   This in turn may help justify new projects such as digitizing old yearbooks.

“At last a system for requests coming from all sources. It is easy to search by topic or name and track the status of any request. One of the ways I am using this new addition is to store memories shared with me by Georgians for future generations to enjoy. Now I can train some student volunteers to work on the backlog! “ [Elizabeth Knox, Archivist, St George's School.]”

For assistance setting up your own Research database, please contact us.

Inmagic Training and Ideas Days

by Denise Bonin Thursday, April 14, 2011 12:39 PM

Please join us for a day of Inmagic training and stimulating ideas to improve your databases or web interfaces! By the end of each session you will learn:

  • tips and tricks for improving functionality
  • time-saving features
  • new design options
  • latest features of the software
  • plus you will receive handouts and sample files to take away

Andornot has been an Inmagic Partner for over 15 years and your instructors know the software inside and out!

Our Inmagic Training and Ideas Day will be in the following Cities:

  • Vancouver - 5 May 2011
  • Edmonton – May 25
  • Calgary – May 26
  • Ottawa – June 16
  • Montreal – June 21
  • Toronto – June 23 – NOTE new date!

The day will be structured as follows:

  • Session 1: DB/TextWorks training - 9am to noon
  • Session 2: Web interface design options - 1 to 3:30pm
  • Session 3: Introduction to discovery interfaces - 3:45 to 5pm

The cost is as follows and you can attend any or all of the sessions:

  • $125 for Session 1 only
  • $125 for Session 2 only
  • No charge for Session 3

See our Inmagic Training and Ideas Days page on our website for more information about each session and for a link to the registration form. Note: These are not hands on sessions, but there will be handouts and time for discussion.

Seating is limited and the deadline for registration is one week before each session date. 

We will be sending out email invites to clients shortly, however any Inmagic user is welcome to register now for the session in your city.

We hope to see you there.  Contact us for more information. 

BCLA Conference in Victoria

by Kathy Bryce Saturday, April 09, 2011 2:10 PM


Our first conference of the season is just about finished – it’s always fun to meet so many clients and long time acquaintances.  I believe this is about our 14th or 15th year exhibiting at BCLA!  This time we committed to take our gadgets to the Technology Petting Zoo and Show & Tell.  Lots of debate over the relative merits of iPads versus Kindles, plus we showed off Jonathan’s super cool MacBook Air and Peter’s netbooks running Ubuntu Light and Jolicloud.

Next conference is the AABC conference at UBC in Vancouver on April 29th.  Check out our website  for the rest of our schedule this year.

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