Tracking Books that Never Get Loaned in Inmagic Genie

by Jonathan Jacobsen Monday, October 31, 2011 9:34 AM

Inmagic Genie has wonderful features for reporting on loan statistics. You can search the Loans module by date, borrower, department, call number and other key fields, and view the results grouped by these same fields to give you a count of loans for different items. You can also access the Statistics page to quickly view a count of overdue items.

But what if you want to view a list of all your books that have never been loaned? Perhaps these are candidates for weeding, to make room on the shelves for new or more popular items. In Genie, the Loans database is linked to the Catalog, Items and Borrowers databases, but as is the case with all DBText databases, the link is one-way. If a book has never been loaned, it won’t appear in the Loans database, so can’t be pulled up by a query, and a search in the Catalog can’t retrieve Loan records.

In the past few months we’ve had two clients approach us wondering how to generate a list of the loan-less books, and we’ve used the same solution in both cases. We’ve taken data from their Catalog and Loans databases, imported it into MS Access, and generated a report that summarizes loan activity by Title. The data includes the quantity of loans, including those with no loan, allowing the librarians to get a really good sense of which items in their collection are most borrowed, and which least. This type of report doesn’t really need to be in Genie, since it’s not something you’re likely to do very often – perhaps once per year at most.

imageYou can do this yourself using the steps below, but please do contact us if you’d like us to do it for you.

  1. Use DBTextWorks to export data from the Genie Catalog and Loans databases to ASCII text (tab-delimited is recommended).
  2. Import each file into a separate table in MS Access.
  3. In Access, create a query to join the two tables, with a link from CatID in the Catalog table to LoanCatID in the Loans table.
  4. Be sure the join is set to include all records from the Catalog (critical to counting records with zero loans).
  5. Include in the query the CatID, CatTitle, CatCallNumber and other Catalog fields you wish to view in the report, as well as the LoanID field.
  6. Adjust the query to group by all fields, sort by Call Number, Title or other fields, and count the LoanID field (see screenshot for details).

You could optionally export the query results to Excel to review or share with those unfamiliar with Access.

SydneyPLUS Acquires Inmagic’s Special Library Products As Well As the Inmagic Brand

by Kathy Bryce Monday, October 24, 2011 2:21 PM

VANCOUVER, BC, and WOBURN, Mass.--SydneyPLUS and Inmagic, Inc. today announced the acquisition of Inmagic’s special library business by SydneyPLUS. The Inmagic special library business includes Inmagic’s DB/Text® Library Suite of products: DB/TextWorks®, DB/Text® WebPublisher Pro, and Inmagic® Genie.

The move will strengthen both SydneyPLUS and the new Inmagic division by bringing together complementary technologies to meet the needs of special librarians, while allowing Inmagic, Inc. to focus on new markets.

For more information check out the Press Release.

Andornot’s status as an Inmagic reseller/partner will be re-assigned to the new entity and from our client’s perspective, it should be business as usual.  We are excited at the potential for future developments of the software and are looking forward to this new relationship.  Inmagic are hosting customer briefing webcasts tomorrow and Thursday  -  contact Inmagic if you did not receive their announcement with details of how to register.

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Jonathan Jacobsen now a partner in Andornot

by Kathy Bryce Monday, October 24, 2011 10:34 AM

Denise, Kathy and Peter are delighted to welcome Jonathan Jacobsen as a new partner in Andornot Consulting. Since completing an MLIS at UBC’s library school in 1997, Jonathan has worked for two library systems vendors and an ecommerce application developer. JJacobsen Oct 9 2011

Jonathan joined Andornot as a consultant in 2008, and has enjoyed the tremendous variety of projects that Andornot undertakes, and the diversity of clients we serve. He has been instrumental in spearheading our VuFind initiative, and brings a wealth of marketing as well as technical experience.

Jonathan particularly enjoys teaching, training, and helping people to select the right tools and make the best use of technology in their own work and lives. When not parenting and working, Jonathan can usually be found out running, hiking, kayaking or otherwise enjoying a day in the woods, on the ocean or in the mountains.

With our core group of four partners, plus our colleagues Ted and Sue, Andornot is well positioned to continue providing new ideas and practical solutions to clients.

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Video: Slay Monster PDFs with pdfbox

by Peter Tyrrell Friday, October 21, 2011 3:38 PM

A screencast of the lightning talk presentation I gave at the Access 2011 Conference on October 21, 2011 in Vancouver, BC, entitled "Quick and Dirty's Guide to Slaying Monster PDFs," in which I show how to use pdfbox to slice up large PDFs for indexing to make search more meaningful.

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by Kathy Bryce Thursday, October 13, 2011 6:01 PM

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