Utilities to Simplify Common Tasks

by Denise Bonin Friday, October 07, 2011 11:35 AM

Do you find yourself in a rut – using the same old tools or even the same old hardware - over and over again and wondering if there is a better way to do that multi-step task?  Here is a list of a few utilties that we use regularly and that IMHO will change the way you work. 

Sending large files:

g_logo_trans_110x63We often ask our clients to send us large files. We can accept very large files via email attachment or if they are very, very large, we ask our clients to drop them onto our FTP site. However, the limitation for sending large files as email attachments is often at the client end. Have you ever noticed how those emails with largish file attachments (maybe only 2MB) never go out? YouSendIt provides an easy way to send files to us or to your friends or colleagues. Again, it is a web-based solution, which has some limitations in the no charge version, but even with that you can send one file – up to 50MB - at a time. No need to send that file via CD in the mail, any more. As soon as it is sent via YouSendIt, your intended recipient receives an email and clicks on a link to download it.

FTP Client:

FileZillaDo you have to need to access documents or upload documents to remote servers and are you finding that the security on those systems is tightening up more and more?  For most folks, you probably have a familiar old FTP program that have used for years, but these just don’t cut it anymore.  And if you use your Windows Explorer, you may find yourself locked out of certain systems too.  We recommend that you upgrade to one of the newer FTP clients that can handle these new secure systems.  There is certainly no need to purchase a package; there are plenty of open source packages that are excellent.  We recommend FileZilla.


FaxZeroLogoPerhaps you have created a document electronically and need to fax it to someone else, yes fax... I know, so yesterday, right? So you print it and locate the only fax machine in your building left and you dial the number, load the document, the right way up without it being slanted, press the Send button and hope that at the other end they get it without a long black strip through the middle. Well, I’m here to tell you that there is a better way, without leaving your desk. Well, some of you probably have this technology already in place, but for those who do not, here is a great site, that allows you to send the document over the web to a fax machine. The site is FaxZero.

More ideas…

Of course there are other alternatives to those mentioned above and you might want to check out sites like LifeHacker for reviews and recommendations. Send us some of your suggestions and we’ll test them.  We are always trying new stuff and we might even include them in our next newsletter or in a blog post.

Energy Resources Conservation Board and Alberta Geological Survey Catalogues Now Online

by Jonathan Jacobsen Friday, October 07, 2011 7:51 AM

The Energy Resources Conservation Board of Alberta (ERCB) has launched its library catalogue online at http://ercb.andornot.com The catalogue contains the combined holdings of the ERCB library in Calgary and those of the Alberta Geological Survey (AGS) library in Edmonton.

Previously the AGS collection was available online as part of the NEOS library consortium but the ERCB collection was not publicly available online.

The catalogue is built upon VuFind, an open-source discovery interface for libraries. VuFind provides users with an intuitive and productive search experience using features such as:

  • fast, relevancy-based keyword search results;
  • spelling corrections and did-you-mean suggestions of alternate terms;
  • links to related resources;
  • faceted browsing to easily narrow down results; and
  • tools for saving and sharing searches and records.

Both libraries use DB/TextWorks for in-house management of records in these and other databases, and WebPublisher PRO for internal publishing of data. Andornot hosts the online catalogue as part of our managed hosting service.

Angela Burns, Leader, Library & Record Services at the Energy Resources Conservation Board, says:

"The library staff in Calgary and Edmonton are very excited for our customers to begin using our new online catalogue! This new experience in researching with intuitive linking features will enable our customers to easily search both of our collections and find the information they need. We are sure that ERCB staff and the Library community will enjoy the new catalogue as much as we do."

Contact us to discuss using VuFind with your library or similar collection.


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