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by Kathy Bryce Tuesday, October 30, 2012 2:19 PM

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  • Canadian Medical Association Develops New PolicyBase
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  • Installing Inmagic DB/Textworks v13 on Windows 8 x64

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Ronald McDonald in the Library

by Denise Bonin Tuesday, October 30, 2012 10:34 AM

RonaldMacDonaldFaceFramedThe PG Family Resource Library in the Maternal Child Department at the University Hospital of Northern British Columbia was established with the generous donation from the Ronald McDonald Children’s Charities and provides access to a large number of materials about child health issues. The resources cover topics such as ADHD, bullying, dyslexia and Tourette's syndrome. 

Anne Allgaier, the British Columbia Northern Health Regional Librarian, included the bibliographic records for this collection of over 230 books and DVDs in her current library catalogue, and has also made them available on the library website. Users can search the catalogue database for just the Family Resource portion of the collection or chose from a list of topical searches on a webpage with a fun image of Ronald MacDonald in the background. 

Once the topic link is clicked, the user can see a list of items, with details about the item.  Most of the records for the books include book cover images, which link to Google Books for even more information about the resource and the ability to purchase, if desired.  Users can also add the items in their search results to a list and order them from the library. 

The Northern Health Regional Library has been a long time user of Inmagic DB/TextWorks as well as WebPublisher PRO software.  Their website is hosted by Andornot and the canned searches were designed using the Andornot Search Cannery Wizard

Anne says, “The images and links to the Family Resource Library will facilitate access to the resources for the patients and their families in the UHNBC Maternal Child department. The materials can all be borrowed and library staff will also help with accessing information not available in the Family Resource Library.”

“Thank you to Andornot for creating the special page for this unique collection.”

Parents and children in Prince George and indeed the whole Northern Health Region, will be delighted to have Ronald McDonald guide them through these wonderful resources. 

Heritage BC Award for Burnaby oral history project

by Kathy Bryce Monday, October 29, 2012 10:44 AM

We are delighted to share that at the Heritage BC Annual Awards ceremony on October 19th, 2012 Heritage Burnaby was presented with an Award of Honour for the 2011 Burnaby Oral History Project.

“These awards, presented annually, acknowledge important contributions and exceptional efforts to increase awareness of and support for heritage resources.  This honour was given to the City of Burnaby in recognition of the work that had been done at the City Archives to digitize the Burnaby Oral History Collection.  Approximately 40 interviews of long-time Burnaby residents were digitized and can now be heard online, thanks in large part to the new oral history databases developed by Andornot.  The new databases allow the interviews to be indexed, uploaded, searched and streamed online for the first time.  In addition, with the infrastructure now in place, new interviews are being collected with more and more Burnaby stories being captured and preserved for the benefit of all our citizens – current and future. 

The ongoing relationship we enjoy with Andornot continues to promote innovative and inspiring projects such as the oral history program, and we look forward to building on this success in the years to come.”  [Arilea Sill, City Archivist.]

More information on the oral history project can be found in our blog post or take a look at the web interface to the the database.

5 Ways to use DB/TextWorks with SharePoint

by Jonathan Jacobsen Monday, October 01, 2012 2:53 PM

With each new release, SharePoint becomes both more useful and more prevalent in organizations of a certain size. Used both for intranets and public-facing web sites, SharePoint provides tools to help users communicate, collaborate and share and manage documents and information.

While SharePoint offers document storage and search capabilities itself, many DB/TextWorks users prefer the interface and features they are most used to, and wish to continue using DB/TextWorks to manage their databases and collections. Replicating administrative workflow in SharePoint is often not practical or cost effective. Those with WebPublisher PRO may wish to continue providing web browser search access in that fashion.

Fortunately, it’s quite feasible to use DB/TextWorks and WebPublisher PRO with SharePoint as there are many options for integrating one into the other. However, before rushing to do so, one should consider the consequences, such as:


  • If users are used to a particular search interface or syntax, will a switch to SharePoint cause confusion or frustration? Will you continue to provide access to the previous interface?
  • How many records are in an existing SharePoint site compared to ones in the DB/TextWorks databases? Will including the latter in SharePoint overwhelm the site?
  • Will significant capabilities be lost, such as the ability in WebPublisher PRO to create See Also hyperlinks, browse indexes or bring in book covers from Google?


A few of the options for integrating DB/TextWorks databases into a SharePoint site are:


  1. Use the SharePoint Page Viewer web part to iframe Inmagic WebPublisher PRO search and results pages. This is the simplest approach, but requires that you have WebPublisher PRO and has usability drawbacks (iframes are harder to bookmark, navigate and size correctly). Search results will not appear in any SharePoint site-wide searches, which may be the desired approach if they would overwhelm the results.
  2. Export data from Inmagic databases to a CSV format and import into SharePoint Lists, where they can be searched, sorted, filtered, etc., the same as all existing data in the SharePoint site. A search scope can be defined in SharePoint to allow users to focus a search only on the imported data, if desired. This approach does not require WebPublisher and can be done manually with one or two connector tools, or automated with one or two more.
  3. Export data from Inmagic databases to XML and import as a SharePoint Data Source. As with #2 above, this can be automated. However, the data is less usable without further effort in SharePoint as a Data Source compared to a List.
  4. Set up a connection to the WebPublisher PRO SOAP interface as a SharePoint Data Source, either to import data, or to construct a real-time search interface. As with #1, this requires that you also have WebPublisher PRO installed, and will require further effort to make good use of the data within SharePoint.
  5. Write a custom .NET connector to WebPublisher PRO within SharePoint Business Connectivity Services either to import data or for real-time searching. This requires that you have WebPublisher PRO and requires the most initial effort and skill, but also offers the most options for customization to meet very specific needs.


Each of these options has pros and cons based on the effort and skill required to implement, and the features that result. For those with DB/TextWorks but not WebPublisher PRO, option 2 is an excellent choice in that it is not too complex nor costly to implement, but provides reasonably useful results.

This blog post outlines just a few of the issues and options for using DB/TextWorks and WebPublisher PRO with SharePoint. We would be pleased to advise you on the best strategy for your organization and needs.

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