New Online Catalogues

by Administrator Saturday, July 16, 2005 1:33 PM
Andornot is proud to present the launch or redesign of some our client's online catalogues using Inmagic's Web Publisher Pro. A BIG thank you to all those who were involved in helping envision and design these resources from the ground-up.

Fraser Health Authority Library Catalogue
This site redesign uses our Web Publisher Developer Kit (WPDK) to allow users to request items from the library. The project also involved merging three separate catalogues and handling multi-library web requests. The site is designed for FHA staff and matches the FHA intranet.

Vancouver Coastal Health Library Catalogue
This site redesign involved incorporating two additional catalogues converted from other library management systems plus adding a shopping cart (WPDK) to request items as for Fraser Health.

PARC Library Catalogue - AIDS Vancouver
This is a new site also featuring our WPDK for users to request items plus canned searches for topics on the Quick Search page. (Official launch will be in July).

Tier 1 CRC Research Laboratory For Chronic Illness - University of New Brunswick, Faculty of Nursing
Data was converted from EndNote and our ESP (E-mail/Save/Print) application was set up with checkboxes to allow the selection of records across pages and searches.

Glenbow Museum & Archives (Alberta)
The web developers for this project purchased our WPDK to customize the interface and add shopping cart functionality.

Diversity Health Institute Clearinghouse (New South Wales, Australia)
Another implementation of our WPDK with all work being handled by the client.

Contact us or visit our web site if you would like more information about these solutions and how they can enhance your online presence.

West Vancouver Museum & Archives

by Administrator Saturday, July 16, 2005 12:02 PM
The West Vancouver Museum Online Digital Collection is available at The West Vancouver Museum & Archives is a community facility located in the historic Gertrude Lawson House. Officially opened in 1994, it features a dynamic exhibition and educational program, archives, and a gift shop. Operated by the Cultural Services section of the District of West Vancouver Parks and Community Services Department, in association with the West Vancouver Historical Society, the Museum & Archives works with the community as a heritage services resource centre to preserve and make accessible West Vancouver's history and development. The museum and archives object collection represents the history of the West Vancouver area from European settlement to the present day.

The West Vancouver Museum & Archives has used Inmagic software for many years to catalog its collections, and purchased WebPublisher PRO to provide web based searching capabilities. A search brings up a quick list of items in the museum catalog with a hyperlink to the full record with images if available. Andornot assisted with the implementation of a "dynamic include" as the images are actually in a separate, non-linked digital images database. This database allows additional information for each image, such as size, resolution, producer etc. which would not be possible if the images were simply repeating fields in the catalog database. The script is built around the Accession Number field in the catalog full web report, and uses canned search syntax to retrieve digital image records with the matching accession number. The dynamic include allows the placement of the results from the digital images database within the results from the catalog search.

Search on the word "lantern" and check out the images for the first few records in the full record display.

In addition to the searchable Online Collection, the Destinations Time Walk project utilizes data exported from Inmagic databases for the museum catalog, archival holdings, digital images and a dictionary database for capturing information regarding specific people or places.

The Archives is using Archives Online to manage archival accessions and descriptions in accordance with RAD (the Rules for Archival Description). Web access to the descriptions database is in the planning stage.

Contact Andornot for more information


by Peter Tyrrell Monday, July 04, 2005 4:59 PM

Once in a while, I have to make minor sanity-saving changes to the machine. And when I do, Tweak XP usually tells me how. Like today, it suddenly got to me, that every time I send something to the recycle bin, I have to be asked whether I really want to. Like I'm a big baby. "Are you sure, precious? 'Cause we wouldn't want our little pumpkin to get upset if he didn't really really mean to."

It's not even being deleted; just moved to a folder where it's one step closer to being deleted. Sheesh.

Are you of legal recycling age? Right-click on recycle bin. Properties. UN-check 'display delete confirmation dialog'. Do it now you little wuss.


Speed Freak

by Peter Tyrrell Thursday, June 30, 2005 1:49 PM

Just had the cable man over to switch out my old cable modem for the brand new one which supports the "Extreme" broadband internet I ordered.

I *was* getting bandwidth test speeds of ~350 kbps. Now on the same tests I'm getting 6.5 Mbps! That's like, 19 times faster!

I'm in love with the Internet all over again.

UPDATE March 22, 2010: This is hilarious. If I had to put up with this kind of crappy speed today I would be somersaulting in furious tantrum waiting for downloads to complete. Today I have 25 Mpbs. Five years from now I will look back at today and laugh my guts out all over again.


Regular Expressions Tool

by Peter Tyrrell Wednesday, June 29, 2005 10:25 PM

Whilst scripting today, I chanced to be working with regular expressions. I use The Regulator to hash out an expression, because it has syntax highlighting, intellisense, and can search via web service. This helps a lot, but it doesn't have the ability to test the expression with a client-side regex engine - it's .NET or go home. Still, better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, as mother says.

The script? Makes an Inmagic search box more Google-esque. Single words, and phrases marked with quotation marks, are automatically demarcated with a boolean operator, like... ["Land Cruiser" Toyota] to ["Land Cruiser" & Toyota]. Existing boolean operators are respected, so... ["Land Rover" Toyota ! "Range Rover"] to ["Land Rover" & Toyota ! "Range Rover"].


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