Denise Bonin leaves Andornot after 17 years

by Administrator Friday, November 30, 2012 5:07 PM


Today is my last day at Andornot after 17 years. It has been a wonderful journey working with so many great clients. I've met a lot of you over the years at conferences, training sessions, and in-office visits. I have connected with many of you over the phone and/or web-meetings. My clients have always been an inspiration to me. You've pushed me, and indeed Andornot, to seek and develop some wonderful solutions that have made you look good in your organization and that is what counts!

I will miss the day-to-day challenges of being put on the spot by an urgent phone call with some crisis to solve, to the emails that require a detailed response once I’ve deciphered the issue. Then there are the web-meetings. I loved these the most. Watching and guiding users through using the software, teaching you new tricks and solving problems together. And laughing and having fun: that is so important.

I also owe a note of gratitude to other vendors that I have met and communicated with over the years. We have grown and learned together. And oh my, some of the conferences have been an experience! To the students that I’ve taught, I have learned so much from you. In fact, I’ve learned to love teaching… something, I did not know I wanted to do way back in '85 when I graduated from SLAIS or before that when I was a budding marine biologist. And lastly to my Andornot colleagues, it has been great working with you and I wish you a bright future.

It has been a good time! If anyone feels compelled to reach me, you can do so via my personal email, Facebook or LinkedIn.




Welcome to BlogEngine.NET 1.6.0

by Administrator Sunday, January 24, 2010 12:00 AM

If you see this post it means that BlogEngine.NET 1.6.0 is running and the hard part of creating your own blog is done. There is only a few things left to do.

Write Permissions

To be able to log in to the blog and writing posts, you need to enable write permissions on the App_Data folder. If you’re blog is hosted at a hosting provider, you can either log into your account’s admin page or call the support. You need write permissions on the App_Data folder because all posts, comments, and blog attachments are saved as XML files and placed in the App_Data folder. 

If you wish to use a database to to store your blog data, we still encourage you to enable this write access for an images you may wish to store for your blog posts.  If you are interested in using Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, VistaDB, or other databases, please see the BlogEngine wiki to get started.


When you've got write permissions to the App_Data folder, you need to change the username and password. Find the sign-in link located either at the bottom or top of the page depending on your current theme and click it. Now enter "admin" in both the username and password fields and click the button. You will now see an admin menu appear. It has a link to the "Users" admin page. From there you can change the username and password.  Passwords are hashed by default so if you lose your password, please see the BlogEngine wiki for information on recovery.

Configuration and Profile

Now that you have your blog secured, take a look through the settings and give your new blog a title.  BlogEngine.NET 1.4 is set up to take full advantage of of many semantic formats and technologies such as FOAF, SIOC and APML. It means that the content stored in your BlogEngine.NET installation will be fully portable and auto-discoverable.  Be sure to fill in your author profile to take better advantage of this.

Themes and Widgets

One last thing to consider is customizing the look of your blog.  We have a few themes available right out of the box including two fully setup to use our new widget framework.  The widget framework allows drop and drag placement on your side bar as well as editing and configuration right in the widget while you are logged in.  Be sure to check out our home page for more theme choices and downloadable widgets to add to your blog.

On the web

You can find BlogEngine.NET on the official website. Here you'll find tutorials, documentation, tips and tricks and much more. The ongoing development of BlogEngine.NET can be followed at CodePlex where the daily builds will be published for anyone to download.

Good luck and happy writing.

The BlogEngine.NET team


Genie Overdue Notices and Serials Routing Notices

by Administrator Tuesday, August 18, 2009 8:00 AM

Genie (part of the Inmagic Library Suite) includes several different notices regarding loan overdues and serials routing.  If you need to make a change to the content of these notices, the following guide will help you see where to make those changes, as well as when different notices are used. All of the notices listed below reflect Genie version 3.3).

Overdue Notices - Email

There are 3 overdue notice emails:

  1. In MyReports.config as EmailLoanOverdue. Used to send multiple emails at once, from the "E-mail overdue notices" link at the bottom of the Loans search results, when the "E-mail/Print Overdue Notices" report is selected in the drop-down list of reports.
  2. An HTML page in \Program Files\Inmagic\Genie called OverdueEmailTemplate.htm. Sent from the "Send overdue e-mail notice" link at the bottom of the Loans edit screen.
  3. An HTML page in \Program Files\Inmagic\Genie called StatsOverdueEmail_0.htm. Sent from the Email link on the Statistics page.

There is also an HTML page in \Program Files\Inmagic\Genie called OverdueEmailBatch.htm, but this is no longer used; it has been replaced by EmailLoanOverdue in MyReports.config.

Overdue Notices - Print

There is 1 printable overdue loan notice:

  1. In MyReports.config is LoanOverdueNotice, used when batch printing multiple notices. Used by Print link at the top and bottom of the Loans search results when the "E-mail/Print Overdue Notices" report is selected in the drop-down list of reports, and by the Print links on the Statistics page. By default, this report is commented out from the list of reports at the bottom of MyReports.config and so does not appear in the drop-down list of reports in the Loans search results. 

Serials Routing Notices - Email

There are 3 serials routing emails:

  1. In MyReports.config as EmailSerialsRoute. Used when you send multiple email routing notices at once, from the Serials "Email Routing Notices" report.
  2. An HTML page in \Program Files\Inmagic\Genie called "RouteEmailTemplate.htm". Used when you email the notice for just 1 serial, from the serial edit screen.
  3. An HTML page in \Program Files\Inmagic\Genie called "StatsRouteEmail_0.htm". Used by the  Email link on  the Statistics page.

Additional Notes on Routing Emails:

  • When an issue has just been checked in, and a PDF of the Table of Contents uploaded, if a user then clicks the Send Email Routing notice link on the serials edit screen, the pop-up window that appears contains 2 additional checkboxes for linking to and attaching the PDF in the email.   These checkboxes do not appear if there is no PDF associated with the serial issue open in the serials edit screen.
  • By default, in RouteEmailTemplate.htm, the parameter TOCImageLink appears, but it appears outside of a pair of < p > tags and should be moved. TOCImageLink is used to include a link to the latest Table of Contents uploaded for this serial.
  • EmailSerialsRoute in MyReports.config shows the issue checked in from the SerDateToRoute field, whereas the other 2 reports do not; they show only the title. A user would have to type the issue date/vol into the Comments field in the pop-up window, as the comments are included in the RouteEmailTemplate.htm file (but not the StatsRouteEmail_0.htm file).

Serials Routing Notices - Print

There are 3 printable serial routing notices:

  1. In \Program Files\Inmagic\Genie is the file route_print.aspx which is called when clicking the Print Routing Notice link on the serials edit screen. It pulls content from the node called BodyText_EmailRouting in the GlobalResource.resx file in \Program Files\Inmagic\Genie\App_GlobalResources.
  2. In MyReports.config is Route1on8.5x11, used when batch printing multiple routing notices, 1 per page, and by the Print link on the Statistics page.
  3. In MyLabels.config is LabelRoute3on8.5x11, used for printing routing notices on labels.

Note: the two reports in MyReports.config must be listed in the list of Serials reports at the bottom of MyReports.config to appear in the drop down list of serials reports in Genie.

Andornot Starter Kit revamp with Google Book Covers

by Administrator Tuesday, July 07, 2009 10:59 PM
We've been doing renovations - raising the roof, adding re-bar to the foundations and while we are at it, we added a sundeck. What has this got to do with databases you ask? Well - at least in a metaphorical way - we think it does. One of Andornot's strengths is our ability to integrate a database into a website. To continue to do that - which by the way, we think is essential - we had to change a few areas of our base add-on product called ASK.

A bit of history

ASK - short for Andornot Starter Kit - started off as a desktop add-on for Inmagic DB/TextWorks, with a nice looking search page, a few well designed search results reports, a full display form and a fully functional data entry form for a typical catalogue database. This was mostly to help us quickly get a client's database up and running quickly and beautifully. I mean why keep re-inventing the wheel? We added a menu screen and navigational script buttons to each query screen and form to ease repetitive tasks. We eventually added a web search screen and a few web forms to work with Inmagic WebPublisher Pro. In due course we thought that we should have all of this on our website so we could showcase many of the bells and whistles that we have developed over the years. We set-up using the "include" file method that was added as of Inmagic WebPublisher version 8 with lots to show off.

And so it grows

We used the site as a vehicle for our search and results scripts (including several versions over time - adding revise search, URL Tamer, and AutoBoolean), our Email, Save and Print add-on, our Ordering cart add-on and canned searches. We used this product as a basis for many a fine looking site. But then we became restless - we wanted to add more, we wanted to change the undercarriage. We wanted to make it even better!

The renovations

The "include" files were frustrating our staff. While they were a good and simple solution, we wanted to have something more robust; something easier to maintain. As it turned out we had that in another format. We converted the includes to ASP.NET Master Pages and used our webpub results control, which our late great developer Nathan Mayr was instrumental in creating and which we previously only implemented for our high-end clients. It was time to share it with everyone.

The extras

So once we got the groundwork redone, we added the extras. Based on user requests, we had wanted to add book covers for a while, but what with copyright issues always at the door, we hesitated, but then Google Books with cover images rose to the fore. Imagine every book in your catalogue having a nice book cover image in the record and a link to preview the book all through a bit of code around the ISBN number. Note that if there is no matching ISBN at Google Books, nothing shows. The amount of information available at Google Books varies widely - see the title Knowledge and Strategy for a book that has a detailed Preview with table of contents and selected pages. A great way of letting your users evaluate a title better! Check out the canned search Example of Book Covers from Google... we have added the sundeck to the site.

The future

Who knows what more we can add to this already pretty groovy set of features and functions. Tell us what you would like. You are our lifeblood: we listen to our clients. Go to and be part of the next reno - we are thinking about a turret or a wine cellar or a bay-window.

Inmagic DB/TextWorks v12 released

by Administrator Thursday, July 02, 2009 10:23 AM

Inmagic has announced the release of DB/TextWorks version 12.

New and enhanced features include:

Improvements to batch modify, validation lists, and import functionality:

  • Batch modify to change more than one field at a time.
  • Batch modify field-to-field: Copy or move the contents of one field to another.
  • Update records to match validation list changes: When terms on a validation list are changed or deleted, corresponding changes can be made in affected textbase records.
  • Option to update multiple matching records when importing.

Enhanced search capabilities:

  • Thesaurus expansion when searching: Optional retrieval of preferred and related terms when searching fields connected to a thesaurus.

Enhanced E-mail options:

  • E-mail reports in HTML: Send Report as Mail now supports HTML format in the e-mail body.
  • E-mail reports grouped by recipient: E-mail reports sent to recipients identified in textbase records can optionally have all messages to a given recipient grouped into one e-mail message.

Advanced imaging. Capabilities support newer image formats, with:

  • Support for the latest version of PDF formats from Adobe® Acrobat® when treating the PDF file as an image field.

All clients with a current Inmagic maintenance subscription for DB/TextWorks should shortly receive an email from Inmagic with the download information for this new version. No date has yet been announced for the release of CS/TextWorks v12.   If you have a current subscription but have not received a notification email in the next week or so, please email with your serial number and email address so it can be resent.  Please also remember to let us know if your contact information has changed so we can update our records and pass this on to Inmagic. 

Please contact us if you would like assistance implementing these new features or want to renew an expired maintenance subscription.

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