A necrology – a unique use for DB/Textworks

by Jonathan Jacobsen Wednesday, July 07, 2010 8:06 AM

One of the more enjoyable aspects of life at Andornot is the diversity of the projects. We recently had an interesting request from a group of archivists representing the Canadian Federation of the Sisters of St. Joseph, a group of six congregations of Sisters of St. Joseph in Ontario. Several of these congregational archives maintain Inmagic databases for their archival arrangement and description. The archivists were interested in developing a biographical database as well as designing a printer-friendly report that they could use to easily display information on their deceased sisters and organize by the anniversary of their death. We adjusted and re-indexed the databases to ensure that separate fields were used to sort in this manner. We then designed a report from an MS Word mockup and merged four databases into a single one. We thought this was an excellent and unique use for DB/Textworks.

"Kathy and Jonathan are just wonderful. They have provided the Archives Taskforce with the expertise needed to bring this project to life. We are so pleased to be able to produce a necrology that will be shared and used by so many women religious." (Linda Wicks)

You can learn more about these congregations at their websites:

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