AJAX index popups release party

by Peter Tyrrell Friday, December 16, 2005 5:43 PM

AJAX-enabled Index Popups for Inmagic DB/WebPublisher Pro and CS/Webpublisher Pro are ready to go. Late feature additions:

  • Entries show full value in tooltip if hovered over (helps when long entries are cut off)
  • Entries are flagged onmouseover to guide the eye
  • Paging buttons look disabled when they are disabled
  • Scroll bar visible when needed, invisible when not - depends on page size.
  • Better x-browser support. Mac IE5.2 still eludes me - it's as brainless as ever.
  • Help button shows help text on mouseover. Help text can be edited.
  • Close window link at bottom of window.

See Demo.


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