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by Kathy Bryce Monday, October 04, 2010 10:08 AM

The McGill University Health Center (MUHC) online patient education library or MUHC Health Education Collection (HEC) is now publicly available.  This virtual consumer health library offers a wide and growing range of bilingual educational material, developed by healthcare professionals.   See the press release and about the collection for further information.

The Health Education Collection can be found at: – English Site – French Site

Andornot began working with MUHC on this project in 2007, and the site has been available for MUHC staff only for more than a year while the collection was being developed. We are delighted that the site is now public as it contains not only useful information, but also has some very neat features.

The collection includes:

  • Full-text documents created by health care professionals at the McGill University Health Centre.
  • Links to full-text documents created by other reliable organizations on the World Wide Web.
  • Information about resources that are available on-site at the MUHC affiliated hospitals.

Behind the scenes, the application is hosted on Andornot servers and uses Inmagic WebPublisher PRO for both searching and data entry. Reached via two different URLs, the French and English sides of the site are actually one and the same; and bilingual functionality is provided via resource files easily editable by authorized MUHC staff.

The secure admin interface, accessible via a web browser, allows authorized staff to search on every field or combination of fields and to add or edit records.

 MUHC search results   MUHC data entry

On the public site search results are filtered according to record status, and only selected publicly accessible records are displayed. Users accessing the site from an authorized IP address however, may view additional restricted access records.

The site also features a “Did you mean” option so that for certain common medical terMUHC Did You Meanms a link is displayed to guide users to search using the preferred term. This is an additional database that is searched concurrently and which can also be expanded to include common misspellings. Query logging has been enabled on the site to help with the ongoing process of adding terms to this list based on actual search terms input by users.

In order to facilitate improving content, end users are able to comment and rate each resource. These comments are moderated and the admin interface provides options to review all pending comments in order to approve or delete them.

Andornot has consistently exceeded my expectations in terms of product development and customer service. When we first approached Andornot with this project, we had several unique features that required extensive customization of WebPublisher Pro, including our “Did You Mean” feature and our database’s full bilingual functionality. Andornot not only rose to these challenges, but exceeded them by providing us with elegant and versatile solutions. [Matthew Flanagan, Health Education Collection Librarian / Bibliothécaire de l’Infothèque]

Working with MUHC staff on this project has been a pleasure. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to them on the public launch of an excellent resource.  Contact Andornot for more information.

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