Inmagic Partner's Meeting - Andornot #1 for total sales

by Administrator Wednesday, February 18, 2009 6:26 PM

Andornot was delighted to be recognized at the Inmagic Partner's Meeting last week with an award for achieving the highest total sales of any dealership. The Partner Meeting was an intense, exciting week as dealers from the US, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Spain gathered for presentations and training sessions.   Road maps for the various upcoming Inmagic product releases were reviewed, plus of course there were discussions around pricing in recessionary times. The good news is that some promotional offers are still available, but the bad news for Canadians is that prices have been adjusted upwards to compensate for the loonie's drop in value against the US dollar. However, the special offers plus credits for existing products still provide some very good deals, so be sure to contact us for a quote!

The last few days were spent in training on the latest release of Inmagic® Presto.  This is Inmagic's premium product for Social Knowledge Networks (SKN's). If you are not familiar with this term yet, take a moment to read through the article in the December 2008 issue of the SLA's Information Outlook written by Phil Green, CTO of Inmagic. Inc.  Inmagic Presto, plus Presto for Social Libraries which works with the Inmagic® Library Suite, offer some interesting opportunities for bringing together knowledge management and social technologies in a secure, web-based environment. There has been considerable industry buzz around these two products. The January 22nd 2008 news release "Inmagic Announces Industry's First Social Library Solution" describes the concepts in more detail -  "The social library is more than just a concept rooted in the promises of library 2.0 and social media," says Green. "It leverages both content and user knowledge in ways never before imagined. By integrating Web 2.0 capabilities, library workflow, information management, and publishing technologies, social libraries extend the value of the special library, and fundamentally change its significance, relevancy, and usefulness." 

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