New DB/Text from Content Server Structure Backup

by Peter Tyrrell Wednesday, April 11, 2007 1:32 PM

You probably already know you can export the structure of a textbase as a "backup textbase file," which can be used to create a whole new textbase with the same structure. You say "new textbase" and then "restore from an existing textbase stucture backup file." Less work. Mobility. Etc. The backup file has got a .tbb extension if DB/Text, and .cbb if CS/Text (Content Server).

So what if you want to backup a CS/Text textbase structure, but then base a new DB/Text textbase on it? Or the other way round? Ah. Snag. Problem. Obstacle. DB/Text don't allow you to browse for .cbb, and CS/Text don't recognize .tbb. Ai, what to do?

Rename the extension. Rename filename.cbb to filename.tbb. Or the reverse. Whatever you need. It works because they're really the same thing.


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