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by Peter Tyrrell Monday, January 16, 2006 10:48 AM

The website has a new search feature: Check it out! There are some very useful indexes there, and I found myself using them even before I'd finished this project! The Andornot site is there, of course, but also the Inmagic site, Inmagic technical documentation, the Inmagic knowledgebase, Inmagic user forums, and Andornot's Furl link archive (our public bookmark repository for bookmarks we use all the time). We'll add more indexes if and when we think of them. It's just so good to have all that information searchable in one place. I used the dtSearch .NET API to construct a DtSearchHandler class that we can re-use elsewhere. Ted is going to use it for an upcoming project and I'm sure he can improve upon what I did. The whole experience was just a pleasure: I'm always impressed with dtSearch whenever I work with it, and creating this search feature really didn't take long. Next up is some advanced search features, and a way to move through highlighted hits in the cached version of the search result. Whee!


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