VuFind 4.0 released with new features and fixes

by Jonathan Jacobsen Monday, July 17, 2017 7:48 AM

Version 4.0 of VuFind, the popular open-source discovery interface, was released early July 2017.

This version brings VuFind up to date with important PHP and Solr developments while also adding several new features and offering a straightforward upgrade path from the 2.x series of releases.

Some key additions and changes:

  • New channels feature. These are similar to the canned queries we include in almost all projects we work on, no matter which system, where pre-created search parameters or groups of records are offered to users through a simple link, as a guide to interesting aspects of the collection. See a demo at
  • New ability to create and host static content pages. This feature is especially welcome as in previous versions, additional content (e.g. About Us, Contact Us) was most easily placed on the home page, which could make for a bit of a crowded space.
  • Improved ability to load cover images from local files. We added this ourselves as custom development in a previous VuFind project, so are happy to see it appear in the core VuFind system.
  • A new theme, called Sandals. As with several previous themes, it's based on the responsive Bootstrap framework, so it works well on mobile devices. This new theme has a somewhat more modern look to it.

Additionally, several bug fixes, new configuration options and minor improvements have been incorporated.

Although VuFind was largely developed by and for academic libraries, we've found applications for it in other organizations, including smaller specialized libraries. Our blog has details of selected projects. In general, we recommend VuFind for organizations with purely bibliographic records and little or no need for customization, a custom graphic design, integration of other features or content, etc. For organizations with those requirements, our Andornot Discovery Interface is a perfect choice.

Contact us to learn more about the VuFind discovery interface and how it might suit your organization.

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