DBTextWorks and WebPublisher PRO Version 15 Upgrade Tips: To Preserve or not Preserve CSS?

by Jonathan Jacobsen Friday, August 14, 2015 1:12 PM

Inmagic released version 15 of DB/TextWorks and WebPublisher PRO not long ago and many of you have or are upgrading to this new version, to take advantage of some of the great new features, especially in DB/TextWorks.

Please note that when upgrading, special attention must be paid to any forms and query screens inside your textbase that you use on the web. This may be forms that you developed yourself and use with WebPublisher, or they may be forms provided by Andornot as part of our Andornot Starter Kit or Andornot Archives Starter Kit. A change to DB/TextWorks in version 15 may affect the layout of your search pages and results.

The ReadMe file for version 15 notes the following:

Use Cascading Style Sheets to preserve formatting. In the Query Screen Designer and Form Designer the HTML tab of the Screen Properties or Form Properties dialog box includes this new option. Previous versions of DB/TextWorks asked the question each time you used Export Query Screen to HTML or Export Editing Form to HTML. In addition:

  • Whether cascading style sheets (CSS) are used is explicitly specified for each form, rather than for WebPublisher as a whole or by query screen.
  • The WebCSSOpt= DBTWPUB.INI option and the CS= URL parameter have been removed.
  • WebPublisher no longer tries to guess whether CSS will cause overlapping by automatically disabling CSS for forms that include Raw HTMLor Inline Images.
  • When DB/TextWorks upgrades a textbase for use with v15.0, all query screens and forms will be modified to have this option checked. If any of your forms include Raw HTML or Inline Images, which may cause overlapping, you may need to open them in the Form Designer to uncheck this option.

All forms that were provided by Andornot from our Starter Kits should not have Use CSS checked. With forms that you developed yourself, you may or may not wish to have this, depending on your form design.

If you've already upgraded and your web search layout is looking a bit like the morning after a wild night out (e.g. messed up), most likely it's due to the above and you simply need to open each form in the Form Designer, edit the Form Properties, and uncheck this box.

If you need assistance with the above, or have other layout issues, please feel free to contact us.

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