Webpublisher XML Updates

by Peter Tyrrell Wednesday, February 13, 2008 9:53 AM

This truth just hit me with the force of a hammer blow to the forebrain:

The Update action in the Webpublisher XML API mimics the Inmagic import function. It is not an update by query.

O merciful god in heaven. Import matches on one or more fields which have to be unique (in combination), which generally means a record id. If you don't know in advance which records might be affected you have to do a query to examine the results then perform the update. Two HTTP requests.

What I really want is the equivalent of a WHERE clause: update field X for every record found by the query.

UPDATE: Wait a minute. There *is* a batch modify option showing in the Webpublisher schema documentation, but not in the online help. The investigation continues...

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