We are an authorized reseller of products from Inmagic, a leading provider of database and social knowledge software. We often use the other commercial and open source applications listed below, but our focus is always on selecting the right tool for the job. As part of any project, we'll discuss your needs and recommend the best fit for them.

Search and Discovery Tools

These tools help surface information and provide the best user experience for large data repositories.

Andornot Discovery Interface

Andornot Discovery Interface

We recommend the Andornot Discovery Interface for libraries, archives, museums and other collections.



We recommend the open-source VuFind discovery interface for libraries and similar bibliographic collections.

Andornot's Add-Ons

We have developed a range of add-ons that work with Inmagic DB/TextWorks and WebPublisher PRO to enhance and extend their functionality. We often also use these with other web applications, such as the Andornot Discovery Interface.

Website Content Management / Virtual Exhibit Systems

A content management system allows an organization to put web page editing in the hands of more individuals, with no loss of control or structure.

Umbraco CMS

Umbraco CMS

We recommend the Umbraco Content Management System (CMS) for general website management.

Omeka CMS

Omeka _Admin _Dashboard

We recommend Omeka for online digital collection and virtual exhibit websites.

Inmagic Products

From data and text management to web search engines, integrated library systems, and social knowledge applications, Inmagic software is available in various configurations to suit the budgets and needs of most clients.

Andornot's Inmagic Kits

Our kits work with Inmagic DB/TextWorks and WebPublisher PRO to help you quickly set up a management system for a library or archives or to publish any Inmagic database on the web.

Other Products

We recommend BookWhere software for copy cataloging, sourcing for interlibrary loan requests or for subject reference queries. Records can be downloaded in MARC, XML, Inmagic tagged or ASCII delimited formats. 

The E-Records system uses the functionality of DB/TextWorks to provide for the management of paper-based records. The system, designed by Information Specialists Ltd (InfoSpecs) in New Zealand, includes three linked databases to manage the classification system, files and boxes.

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Umbraco CMS

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