The Andornot Embedded Media Player allows you to provide audio and video playback in search results from the Andornot Discovery Interface and  Inmagic WebPublisher PRO databases. Media plays directly on your web page and is streamed from the server to the user, so there's no wait for the file to download.

Andornot Embedded Media Player

Heritage Burnaby allow playback of video and audio files within search results using the Andornot Embedded Media Player.

An earlier method of including audio and video in a website was to display the media filename as a hyperlink on a search results page. While simple to implement, this method requires the user to download the entire media file and have software installed to play it. A large file can take a while to download, interrupting the user's search while they wait. Streaming media with the Andornot Embedded Media Player eliminates this issue.


An example of the Andornot Embedded Media Player is available in the Heritage Burnaby website

Contact us for more information about using this tool with your digitized media and website.