Many online databases include images, such as a database of historical photographs. The website design usually features images in multiple sizes, such as a thumbnail with brief search results, a medium-sized image on a full record display, and perhaps an enlarged image that opens in an overlay or that may be zoomed in for a detailed inspection.

Rather than create many different sizes of the same image, you can use the Andornot Image Handler to dynamically generate images in multiple sizes from a single master image, with caching and watermarking features thrown in. This add-on can save you considerable time and effort in publishing and managing images online.

  • Andornot Image Handler - St. Andrew's College Archives
    The St. Andrew's College Archives uses the Andornot Image Handler to generate thumbnails of historic photographs.
  • Andornot Image Handler - United Farmers Historical Society
    The United Farmers Historical Society uses the Andornot Image Handler to generate thumbnails of historic photographs.

You specify the file name of a master image for each record an the Image Handler does the rest - generates the sizes needed on-the-fly, with a watermark to identify the image. Images are cached on the server to improve performance. And if you decide to change your web layout and need a different size, you need only change one line of HTML and the images will all re-generate in the new size on demand.

The Andornot Image Handler saves considerable time when publishing images to the web over traditional methods.


You can see the Andornot Image Handler in action in many Andornot project sites, including

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