The Andornot Starter Kit (ASK) is a combination of DB/TextWorks databases and desktop forms and reports with a .NET web application that uses Inmagic WebPublisher PRO to enable web-based searching of any DB/TextWorks database. Starting a project with this kit saves considerable time over developing a solution from scratch, and gives you a well-tested and widely used system.

ASK is initially configured for use with a typical library catalogue, but is is easily adapted to any other database with little effort.

  • Andornot Starter Kit
    The Andornot Starter Kit for DB/TextWorks can be applied to any database, such as the library catalogue shown here.
  • Elgin County Archives
    The Andornot Starter Kit web interface works with Inmagic WebPublisher to provide online access.
  • McGill University Health Centre Library
    The Andornot Starter Kit web interface works with Inmagic WebPublisher to provide online access.

Key Features

These features are included with most projects we build from ASK:

  • Quick and advanced search screens with searching tips and a link to detailed search help. The Advanced search screen can have radio buttons or check boxes to allow users to easily limit their searches by material type.
  • Andornot’s Google-style search syntax with automatic ANDing and stemming of terms. This permits users to type 2 or 3 words next to each other without needing to know Inmagic search syntax. 
  • Integration of search and result displays in a consistent, easily edited template using master pages. This allows inclusion of branding and navigation from your website for seamless integration. If a change is made to your website, just the one master page needs to be edited rather than having to adjust multiple reports in the database.
  • Pop-up windows with find-as-you-type for browsing term and word indices on selected fields (e.g. authors, subjects).
  • Search results with text navigation links (e.g. next, previous, back to results, new search).
  • A selection list to allow users to add items to a list, then email save or print that list, export to RefWorks, or submit a request for more information or an order (e.g. to borrow a book or order a photographic reprint).
  • Sample canned searches that can be modified to create hyperlinks for popular topics (e.g. latest additions to the catalogue). These hyperlinks can be added on the Quick search screen or anywhere on a website to lead people into the database.
  • Automatic inclusion of Google or book covers based on the ISBN field.
  • Restrict access to all part of the content with the Andornot Authentication Manager.
  • Permalinks to records and features for easy sharing and social bookmarking.
  • Icons to indicate different types of records in the search results (e.g. book, journal, DVD, photograph).
  • Optional use of the Twitter Bootstrap responsive framework ensures ASK is as usable on a tablet and modern smartphone as in a desktop browser.
  • Custom error messages.
  • Availability in English and French.

The following optional features can be added as well:


ASK is available as a kit with a guide to walk you through applying it to an Inmagic database or project. Most of our clients, however, use our services to configure and deploy an ASK-based system.

Once purchased, the kit can be re-used with as many databases as you like. As new versions of ASK are developed, we offer them to clients at no charge, other than for any consulting assistance you may require.


Client sites using this kit or a variation, include:

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