Clients with our desktop-only Archives Starter Kit for DB/TextWorks can use the web version of the kit to easily and quickly set up a web interface to their descriptions database using Inmagic WebPublisher PRO. The kit will also be useful to anyone with an in-house Inmagic database for their archival records, as it is a simple process to map the standard archival fields to your local field names.

  • Elgin County Archives
    The Elgin County Archives uses Inmagic DB/TextWorks, WebPublisher PRO and the Andornot Archives Starter Kit.
  • New Westminster Archives
    The New Westminster Archives uses Inmagic software and Andornot kits to manage and search its collections.

Key Features

As with our original Starter Kit, the Archives version includes many enhancements to the standard Inmagic WebPublisher PRO functionality.

The search screen and results appear within a master page template to integrate seamlessly with the rest of your website. Forms are provided to sort results by relevance or date, and thumbnails or larger images can be displayed inline or in a gallery style.

Additional forms are provided to allow a link to be made to a fond or collection level description from any record, plus there is a hierarchial report that can be used to display a complete finding aid. The finding aid can be accessed after viewing a record, or canned search hyperlinks can be created from any page to generate the finding aid on the fly.

A French version is also available.

We can also create a customized interface to suit your needs and blend it with your website template or content management system. Mobile-friendly sites can be designed as well.


Client sites using this kit or a variation, include:

Take a look at these sites which feature many of the possibilities including the option to select records and then request, print or save them, or send a link to a friend. Also included is a Permalink for social network sharing via AddThis or an equivalent service.


Options are available for schools or for organizations with purely digital resources, and feature gallery style search results. See the St Andrew's College site for example.

Contact us to get started with this kit today.