From data and text management to web search engines, integrated library systems, and social knowledge applications, Inmagic software is available in various configurations to suit the budgets and needs of most clients. 

Inmagic is a brand of Lucidea. With a global customer base of more than 2,300 active clients in more than 50 countries, Lucidea is the largest provider of knowledge management solutions to corporations, law firms, non-profits, government agencies, museums, and archives worldwide.

DB/TextWorks is a very popular Windows database management and text retrieval system.

Inmagic's WebPublisher PRO allows you to search DB/TextWorks databases through a web browser quickly and easily.

Inmagic Genie is a web-based application designed to handle the typical collection management functions of a corporate or specialized library.

Presto for DB/TextWorks is a powerful and flexible solution for publishing your DB/TextWorks textbases to the Web.

Several tools and techniques are available to import and export information from DB/TextWorks, including software from Inmagic, Andornot and others.

Inmagic's maintenance program provides customers with new releases, service packs and technical support.