Several tools and techniques are available to import and export information from DB/TextWorks, including software from Inmagic, Andornot and others. We often combine these into an end-to-end solution for moving data from one system to another. Please contact us to have us design something for you.

Inmagic Importer

The Inmagic Importer is a Windows service included with DB/TextWorks that can be used to automate import of data into DB/TextWorks databases. As with the import feature available within DB/TextWorks, the Importer can import records in Inmagic dump format, ASCII text and XML, as well as extract the full text of PDF, Word and other text files. Paired with Andornot's Data Extraction Utility, we can provide a complete solution for moving data to and from sets of Inmagic databases. This is especially useful when they are located on different servers with a firewall in between, where there is a need to keep data in sync.

Inmagic Importer

Settings from the Inmagic Importer.

ODBC Drivers

Inmagic ODBC Drivers provide access to DB/TextWorks databases using SQL statements and ODBC function calls. 

MARC Records and Copy Cataloging

Inmagic's MARC Transformer converts information obtained in MARC Communications format and loads the data into a DB/TextWorks database, thus eliminating the need to enter bibliographic and serials information manually.

As well, data from a TextWorks database can be exported and run through the MARC Transformer to create MARC records ready for uploading to shared or union catalogs. 

DB/TextWorks can also import MARC records in MARC XML format using an XSLT stylesheet transformation, without using the MARC Transformer, as well as records exported from Bookwhere.


MARC and MARC XML records can easily be imported into Inmagic databases.

WebPublisher SOAP API

An XML SOAP Application Programming Interface is available with WebPublisher, providing yet another means of reading and writing to Inmagic databases. Documentation is available to Inmagic customers through the Inmagic extranet.

Contact us for information on adding any of these products to your Inmagic system.