Inmagic's maintenance program provides customers with new releases, service packs and technical support. This progam is highly recommended and included with new software purchases, though optional thereafter.

Inmagic Support

Inmagic's maintenance program includes access to the Inmagic Customer Extranet.

Key Features

  • Immediate availability of any new version releases or service packs and emailed notification from Inmagic.
  • Assistance is available from Inmagic Product Support by phone or email.
  • Support for the latest operating systems and web browsers.
  • Access to the Inmagic Customer Extranet.
  • Up to date software is easier to troubleshoot as support staff are familiar with the version and interactions with operating systems and other programs.
  • The maintenance subscription cost can be included in your budget as an annual expense. (It is common for most IT departments to regard maintenance for key software as a normal cost of doing business).
  • Peace of mind from knowing that you have the backing of a support contract if you have a problem.

The products on the maintenance program include:

If you have a support question you may contact either Inmagic or Andornot. If you contact Inmagic, please copy us on any emails so that we are aware of any issues and can assist if required.