Features added to Inmagic WebPublisher PRO over time are provided here. This list can help you decide whether to upgrade your version to the latest.

Version 17 (current version)

  • Works with DB/TextWorks v17

Version 16

  • Form Designer – WebPublisher reports can now easily link from a small image on a web page (a thumbnail) to the full size image. The new option is on the HTML tab of the Picture Box Properties dialog box.
  • WebPublisher Browse Choices – The buttons have been optimized; for example, we've added an "Add & Close" button so that users no longer need to click "Add" then "Close".

    Version 15.5

    • InmagicBrowse – When editing a record, if a field has Single Entry Only validation, the Add button now does not appear on the Inmagic Choices Browser window. Previous versions displayed a disabled Add button in this situation.
    • InmagicBrowse – Addressed issues finding values beginning or ending with digits.
    • InmagicBrowse – Addressed an issue where the window would revert to its original size/position if you used any of the controls.
    • Addressed an issue where Includes/Seams referencing a URL called the obsolete WinHTTP5.DLL; now WinHTTP.DLL is used.

    Version 15

    • Issues addressed with the InmagicBrowse app, and new features for publishing to the web from DB/TextWorks.

    Version 14.5

    • WebPublisher PRO is now supported on Windows Server 2012 R2.

    Version 14

    • Support for renaming query logs and starting new ones on a scheduled basis.
    • Ability to edit validation lists.
    • Ability to expose the Find button and disable find-as-you-type in InmagicBrowse.
    • InmagicBrowse can now update records after a validation term is changed to another term already in the list.
    • Improved support for Internet Explorer v10.

    Version 13

    • It is now possible to edit records in non-IE browsers over the Web. Please see the Support Matrix for details.
    • ImagicBrowse includes a new find-as-you-type feature.
    • InmagicBrowse hides controls that offer no opportunity to take action.

    Version 12

    • Improved support for newer browser versions and operating systems
    • Support for both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems
    • Better searching through a new advanced synonym searching feature
    • Enhanced CSS support
    • Enhanced Alternative Search Syntax ("Google" like query syntax)
    • Improvements to XHTML support

    Version 11

    • Compatability with Windows Server 2008
    • Query Logging
    • Next/Previous highlighted hits
    • XHTML compliance

    Version 10

    • Ability to configure a RSS feed for a textbase
    • InmagicBrowse enhancements, including support for FireFox; width configuration; control tooltips; & a Help button
    • Image files can be located in multiple folders
    • Alternate search syntax (this feature provides a "Google™-like" alternative syntax for searching.)

    Version 9

    • Ability to browse the link field in a secondary textbase while editing
    • Support for Exploded Sorts
    • Paging of long validation lists to speed up loading and displaying.

    Version 8

    • Inmagic Choices Browser alternative to Word Wheels
    • Includes added to Form Designer for web reports to allow better integration with website templates (seams)
    • Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) includes
    • Many enhancements to XML for developers.

    Version 7

    • Specify Alternate Text for URLs, EMail Addresses & Image Links
    • Improved formatting of exported query screens
    • Improved web navigation buttons
    • Web based editing (PRO only) -
      edit, duplicate, and delete existing records and paste from validation lists.
    • Cookie for retaining password for current session

    Version 6.1

    • Submit queries using XML
    • INI file location can be changed to the WebPublisher installation directory

    Version 6

    • XML support
    • Search criteria using DB/TextWorks command query format

    Version 5.2

    • Record level security

    Version 5.1

    • Support for disabled accessibility technology. Complies with U.S. government mandates

    Version 5

    • Relevance Ranking
    • Specify additional information.
    • A "New Search" button to take users back to the query screen.
    • Open expanded record displays in a separate browser window

    Version 4.2

    • Ability to search multiple textbases from one query screen

    Version 4.1

    • Improved report appearance matches DB/TextWorks desktop reports
    • Button and Message Customization
    • Multi-Lingual interface capabilities

    Version 4.0

    • Free Release for compatibility with DB/TextWorks version 4.0

    Version 3.0

    • Ability to use email and URL links
    • Uses Virtual Directory Tree instead of installing in the web root
    • Ability to search for textbase
    • Support for secured web pages (HTTPS)
    • Ability to specify position of Next/Previous buttons and form list