Andornot recommends the Umbraco Content Management System (CMS) for managing website content. Umbraco has all the features needed in a modern CMS, and the ability to add new ones through plug-ins and custom development. Umbraco is an open-source ASP .NET CMS used by more than 250,000 websites around the world, including the Andornot website.

Umbraco CMS

A CMS like Umbraco allows an organization to put web page editing in the hands of more individuals, with no loss of control or structure. Users may edit their own content, but the overall site design and organization remains constant, ensuring a coherent, navigable website is presented to the public.

Key Features

Some notable features of Umbraco include:

  • Master site and page templates and stylesheets ensure a consistent presentation of all content.
  • Notification, versioning, an audit trail and rollback allow you to see when content changes, who has edited content, see previous versions, and roll back to them as needed.
  • A publishing schedule allows you to determine exactly when content appears or is removed from your site.
  • The built-in media library manages all the documents, images and other content available on the site, so there's no hunting around on servers to find files you want to publish.
  • Dynamically created navigation menus, a site map and a site search option ensures that as you add or move content within the website, users can always find content and there are no broken links.
  • Configurable user roles keep content under control. For example, some users may only be able to write content, but not publish it. Other users may review and approve content. Users may be further restricted to only editing certain pages and sections.
  • Access to certain sections of the website can be restricted by requiring a user login and password.
  • RSS feeds may be published on any page, from any source, adding value to your site as a destination for up to date information.
  • External systems may be integrated such as Inmagic WebPublisher PRO and Andornot Discovery Interface searches, so that these can be displayed within the same layout as other content and easily rearranged within the site as needed.
  • Highly customizable: features not already in the box may be developed and added in. There is also a burgeoning community regularly adding "pluggable" packages providing greater functionality.

Example Sites

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