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Glengarry County Digitized Newspapers

The Glengarry County Archives is the largest repository of historical records in eastern Ontario and contains the foremost collection of history about Glengarry County found anywhere.

Incorporated as a municipal corporation in 2013, the archives is the official repository for the records of the Townships of North and South Glengarry municipal governments and is mandated to preserve the records of individuals, businesses and organizations from the settlement period to the present.

In recent years, back issues of two local newspapers were digitized, and are now fully searchable using an instance of our Andornot Discovery Interface, along with several other newspapers more recently digitized. The site is available at and includes issues of local newspapers from 1880 to almost the present day.

Glengarry County Newspapers Search Results

Users may search for people, places and events from years past right up to almost the present day. When opening the newspaper issue, search words are highlighted where they appear on each page, to help a user more easily find articles relevant to their search.

Unlike so many of our projects, this site has no database behind the scenes. Rather, the thousands of PDF files are well organized into folders, and the folders and PDF file names convey meaningful information, such as the name of the newspaper and its issue date. From this we are able to construct the metadata you see in search results. Primarily, though, the intention is to provide the best possible full-text search experience of the many articles in each issue.

The site and all newspaper issues are hosted by Andornot.

Glengarry County Newspapers Specific Issue

In Brief

A newspaper search engine powered by the Andornot Discovery Interface.

Launched in 2021.

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