Most of our projects involve some form of data conversion, performed once, or as part of an ongoing flow of data from one system to another. We start a data conversion task by anlaysing the sources and destination and developing a metadata crosswalk - a mapping of information from one to the other, noting transformations needed or issues to be resolved. We review this with you and refine until we have a final plan for converting your data. The actual data conversion can be done on a trial basis before the final, live conversion takes place.

Examples of data conversions include:

  • extracting records from other library systems for import into Inmagic Genie;
  • moving MARC records both into and out of DB/TextWorks or other systems;
  • exporting data from MS Access, MS SQL, FileMaker and other database management systems;
  • extracting full text from PDFs and other documents;
  • XML import and export using XSLT's to transform data;
  • configuring the Andornot Data Extraction Utility for automated data export from Inmagic databases; and
  • to and from from Excel spreadsheets, Word documents and other non-database file formats.

Contact us with details of your needs or a sample of data to load into your system.